Angry Sushant fans trend #RanveerIsJoker on Twitter over advertisement

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Angry Sushant fans trend #RanveerIsJoker on Twitter over advertisement

Saturday, 21 November 2020 | IANS | Mumbai

Angry Sushant fans trend #RanveerIsJoker on Twitter over advertisement

Fans of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput are upset over a television commercial featuring Ranveer Singh that, they allege, mocks SSR, who was a science aficionado. While Sushant fans have been voicing protest over the past few days, on Saturday they started trending #RanveerIsJoker.

Sushant fans feel Ranveer is trying to gain publicity by mocking the late actor long after his death, through the commercial.

"Sushant never sold integrity to KARAN JOHAR. Proud Man. #RanveerIsJoker," tweeted a user.

"#ranveerisjoker This Joker will never forget what he and his gang planned to take away movies from our beloved Sushant. We will assure you bollywood that we make you feel more worst than ever. You will try but you all won't forget this smile," shared another user.

"#RanveerIsJoker Calling #RanveerSingh a Joker is an insult for Jokers community also. They work hard day and night after selling their respect to earn for a living. But this man insults a person who is no more. Sushant was far more better than this pothead," retorted another user.

Netizens targeted Ranveer's wife, actress Deepika Padukone, too.

A user wrote: "Hungry for money and publicity #RanveerIsJoker A Thief Who steals others Projects with the help of her Druggie Wife."

Another user shared: "One starts talking about mental health immediately after SSR death and the other starts talking about photon in an ad. Want to benefit from SSR long after he is gone. Don't they have anything original of their own?? #RanveerIsJoker."

Meanwhile, the brand in question has issued a statement denying allegations that their recent advertisement makes fun of "A late Bollywood celebrity". They have claimed that the advertisement was shot more than a year ago in October 2019, and has been released now.

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