Video about cop choosing duty over son's pleadings goes viral

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Video about cop choosing duty over son's pleadings goes viral

Thursday, 26 March 2020 | PTI | Mumbai

Video about cop choosing duty over son's pleadings goes viral

A video put out on Twitter by the Maharashtra police which shows a policeman's son pleading with him not to leave house for work amid the coronavirus scare is winning hearts on social media.

The state police has been using its Twitter handle (@DGPMaharashtra) to spread awareness about precautions needed to keep the virus at bay and to seek people's cooperation in implementing lockdown.

Maharashtra has reported the highest number of COVID- 19 cases in the country -- 125 -- as of Thursday.

The video showed a policeman putting on his uniform to go to work, and his son, about two years old, crying and asking him not to leave house because of the pandemic.

But the policeman is heard telling the child that he has to go because his boss has called him for duty.

While reports about high-handedness of the police in enforcing restrictions on movement on roads are coming from some parts of the country, this video went viral immediately, receiving over 13,000 views and 2,600 likes.

The Maharashtra police uploaded the video with the message, "In the challenging time of coronavirus pandemic, our officers give preference to their duty over their families. This sense of duty inspires not only people working in emergency services, but also the society at large."

The state cops are also putting out clever one-liners to encourage social distancing.

"Not all long distance relationships are difficult. Some are just safe," said one tweet.

The state police are trying to facilitate smooth delivery of essential goods at home by e-commerce platforms and other vendors.

The Mumbai police has started issuing passes to those who work in the sectors which provide essential services.

"Essential pass, for essential services. Requesting all shops providing essential services & commodities, to reach out to their local police station for these passes, to ensure hassle-free commute & sale," said its Twitter handle @MumbaiPolice.

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