Push for inclusion

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Push for inclusion

Monday, 01 June 2020 | PNS

Push for inclusion

Allies from 28 nations come together for 21 mini-challenges to create a global movement for equal rights of the LGBTQ community

In a first of its kind initiative, corporates, academia and individuals from across the world have signed up to advocate for inclusion of the LGBT+ community. The #21DaysAllyChallenge, an initiative by Pride Circle, aims to bring a holistic social change by building a community of passionate allies, across the world. The campaign will start from today as it marks the beginning of the Global Pride Month.

As the world is trying to stabilise in the current circumstances, this is an effort to push forward for inclusion. The movement is joined by individuals, influencers from 28 nations and 70 organisations, and also academic institutions such as IIMs, IITs, NMIMS, MICA, Tagore International School. This will also led to creating safer schools, workplaces and society for the next generation.

Under the initiative, allies from across the world will engage in a series of 21 mini-challenges spread over a period of 21 days in the month. This is based on science that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.

“We know that the future of workforce inclusion is dependent on culture change — made of seemingly small but vital everyday acts of allyship and support. The challenge is a fun and innovative way to spur individual action for change,” says Deena Fidas, Managing Director, Chief Programme and Partnerships Officer, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates (USA).

“People across the world can come together in support of equality for lesbian, gay, bi and trans people. Visible allies to the LGBT community make a huge difference, whether that’s championing LGBT rights in your work, or supporting LGBT family members or friends. Now, more than ever, we encourage everyone who believes in their equality to come out for equality and find out more about how they can be an ally,” says Pete Mercer, Head of Global Programmes, Stonewall (UK).

“In our country where homosexuality legalisation is yet to complete two years, this is our leap of faith to create a large-scale, global movement to advocate for equal rights and fair treatment for the LGBT+. We believe that allies are some of the most effective and powerful voices for this movement. The contribution of allies in terms of helping create a space of comfort, help bridge the gap in understanding of others with respect to the importance of equality, fairness, acceptance and mutual respect, can be vast,” says Ramkrishna Sinha, Co-Founder, Pride Circle, commenting on this empowering initiative.

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