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Wednesday, 21 July 2021 | Dr Rana Singh

Create to live

Content writing and marketing jobs are in trend. Dr Rana Singh tells you how one can make a career in the field

Every content creator has a significant career to start in this field, which is one of the most demanding jobs across the globe. The pandemic situation has led to loss of many jobs and industry people have been facing a huge financial crisis as well as job crisis. Sometimes it happens we never consider such things to earn or make a good amount because we haven’t heard about it. We always get the recommendation from our parents, elders or society to work only on the things which are coming from generation to generation but sometimes we miss the good opportunities.

The graduates from mass communication and journalism are preferred for content writing jobs as they are taught in their semesters about making effective content. But this doesn’t mean that a person with basic knowledge of grammar and vocabulary will not get a chance. As everyone from school is being taught basic grammar and we all give the English grammar exams till Boards, utilising those studies we can earn a good job in the modern world which has high demand for content writers or creators.

Here is a list of new opportunities and career scope for job seekers in content marketing or content writing:

E-commerce company

Content writing plays a very important role in E-commerce companies in making their business finance high, as the increasing traffic on websites ultimately increases business growth. The website’s content is required for updating new products and blog pages. This boosts the SEO and website’s organic rankings on Google which drives high engagement turning visitors into buyers. One must know the basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) knowledge, keywords before entering an E-commerce Company.

Video Content Specialist

This job profile is eye-catchy for the young generation looking to make a career in a production house.

There is a requirement of a basic combination of creativity, market knowledge, and target audience. They are responsibly using their creativity and content creation skills where they can tell the stories through videos which include marketing videos, social media campaigning, brands or advertisement, etc.

The skills required for this job role may include understanding technical skills and software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Effects. Some more capabilities are required other than writing skills i.e. communication skills. Nowadays it’s a digital and social savvy generation where everyone wants to highlight their name on the Internet. This will only work when you have the influencing power of creating content as per the market demand; this is the only key to make your video production name as a brand through utilising good skills.

Blog writer

The companies from IT, MNC, Fin-tech, Software-based sectors hire blog writers in their firm to maintain their blog regularly. Many people are unaware of new software in the market due to which companies update their blogs with different topics relatable and use SEO to float in the search box. This benefits B2B or B2C marketers also to understand the work or product details that blog writers describe on the official websites.

Nowadays many people make blogs and write their thoughts, opinions and earn if they reach a large number of people and audience. This creates a good short of income through small efforts or skills which you can show on a digital platform.

Freelance writer

The writer who has good experience in creating content on any given topic or in their beat can work on different projects of any company. A large number of freelance writers earn their income through a podcast or by writing a book and self-publishing it on Amazon Kindle. There are many other sectors like travel and tourism where freelance writers are hired based on travelling content, sometimes companies pay for visiting and writing the content on tourist places.

Nowadays, hospital or health sector is looking for a freelance writer for updating their content required on a website like new technologies used, healthy diets, health-related issues, and many more projects.

Hotels are now more advanced and not in the lesser demand than any other industry. They use blog writers for telling their dish stories and also for highlighting their name in the market. Sometimes social media platforms also require pretty attractive content for the visitors on their social media pages which is handled by writers themselves.

Editorial department

The editorial department is found in the Media and PR Industry, where the content writer is hired on their educational qualification. Recruiters prefer the students from Journalism and Mass communication. The role and responsibility of the content writer in the media industry are also known as Editor/Sub-Editor where they have to maintain the content as per the 5W 1H rule and look after their subordinates.

Content writers in the PR industry are responsible for drafting press releases, email drafting, content creating, article write-ups, stories, etc. If the person has the skills of creating such stories they are a good fit in this job-role of the PR Industry.

The writer is Vice-Chancellor, Sanskriti University

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