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Right Course for you

Wednesday, 15 September 2021 | PC Chhabra

Right Course for you

As students hustle to choose the right course at this time of the year, PC CHHABRA shares five demanding courses which may help shape your future path

Education has completely moved on from its traditional setup and reskilling is vital in a post pandemic scenario. COVID-19 has opened up a new way of studying and therefore, returning to normal comes with multiple challenges.  It also presents an ocean of opportunities to improve skills. Ongoing global pandemic brought to light various issues, and concurrently created a sense of urgency for both students and professionals to accelerate their growth towards the future.

As Class XII Board result is out now, the students are in chaos about what to opt for a better future and also, it is a crucial time for students as the choices made at this stage may define what they do in their long-term career. At this point of time approximately 80% students feel pressured to take up a course just because their parents think it is best or just because their friends are going for it. Before investing your time, money and efforts into pursuing a course, you should keep a steady head and weigh all the options carefully.

As the world is adopting the digital paradigm, there is a growing need to polish the old skills and learn new ones. Before finalising the admission in any course, here are some demanding courses with alluring career options for students.

+Cyber Security

As the persistent rise in the cases of cybersecurity in India, now as Governments and organizations are facing cyber threats, hackers target Government agencies because its interwoven systems contain vast amounts of information from citizens. Not only government but private or public organisations are also at risk.

As per the source, country's demand for cybersecurity professionals is likely to rise 200 per cent by 2024. Cybersecurity has become one of the most in-demand careers for students. Those who are interested in working as a cybersecurity professional, rest assured there will be no lack of jobs for you. To kickstart a career in cybersecurity, one needs to start off with a background in Information Technology. To embrace a career in Cybersecurity to pursue after Class XII following are your options:

  • B.Tech (Information Technology)
  • B.Tech (Information Science & Engineering)
  • B.Tech (Cyber Security and Forensics)
  • B.E. (IT)
  • B.Sc.(Forensic Science)
  • Diploma in Cyber Security

+Artificial Intelligence

India will play a pivotal role in the AI revolution and nowadays AI is being used across various industrial sectors (Healthcare, agriculture, automobile, education and transport) etc.  AI enters our professional lives and it entails the amazing career opportunities for freshers and professionals. To be part of the AI profession, you will know about the future growth of Artificial Intelligence and its various aspects that can be inculcated in a machine using Artificial Intelligence.

The advancements in technologies also fuel the future scope of Artificial Intelligence in India in subsets of AI like Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc. One can opt for a course in AI after Class XII is:

  • B.Tech. in Computer Science
  • B.Tech. in Robotics and Automation
  • B.Tech. in Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech. in EC Engineering
  • B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering

+Pharmaceuticals Science

In India the pharmaceutical market is one of the few sectors that have shown double-digit growth rate (CAGR) in the last few years. India is a rapidly growing its presence in the global pharmaceuticals industry. In the ongoing pandemic, the demand for medicines are increasing day by day, so the employment in the pharmaceutical sector is also increasing at an increasing rate. The sector is growing at a consistent rate in India and offering great career opportunities to thousands of students. After completing Class XII, candidates can opt for:

  • Bachelor in Pharmacy
  • Bachelor in Pharmacy (Lateral Entry)
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy (Ayurveda)
  • Diploma in Pharmacy


Nursing career is one of the most lucrative career options for students because there are no restrictions for students irrespective of their academic background. As medical facilities are rising in India, the demand for nursing courses has also increased immensely. Nurses are one of the pillars of the healthcare systems and Indian nurses are the most trusted health care professionals in the world.

Nursing offers different courses after Class XII:

  • B.Sc. Nursing
  • ANM
  • GNM

+Data Science

Data has become an essential part of our life. In current scenario, each and every industry has opened their doors for the role of data analytics professionals.

The scope of data science is wide and has emerged as an attractive and top most career option in India because of its vast future offerings and opportunities.

Candidates who are passionate about research and computers through data analytics, will find the option of pursuing data science as a lucrative career option. For this interested candidate needs to opt for one of the courses mentioned below:

  • B.Sc Data Science
  • B.Tech  Big Data Analytics
  • BCA Data Science
  • IBM Data Science professional Certificate
  • Applied Data Science with Python Certifications

Before making a decision, keep searching top courses and demand in your desired fields.

The writer is Executive Director, Sanskriti University, Mathura

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