Time to bridge skill gap

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Time to bridge skill gap

Wednesday, 13 October 2021 | ANIRUDH KHAITAN

Time to bridge skill gap

The young need to be agile as well as empathetic towards each other. With leadership skills we can create a stream of influential, purposeful beings who will be self-aware of themselves, says ANIRUDH KHAITAN

The nature of education is rapidly changing due to emerging creative, technical and scientific preferences. The exact effect of these and other changes remain unknown, but one thing   seems certain: The skills that today’s World values and rely upon are shifting. In turn, a skills gap is in sight where children struggle to choose the right armour that prepares them for the impending future.

COVID shook up our ingrained ways of education and has pushed educators and students to their limits. It opened up new possibilities and revealed deep inequities. Now it’s time to get back on track. But which track?

The global shock of the pandemic turned the education world upside down and then unleashed a succession of school disruptions.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, in August 2020, predicted that the effects of the pandemic were destined to become a “generational catastrophe” in education. Since then, the full extent of the learning slide affecting all students, and particularly the most disadvantaged, became more visible.

Research and surveys testify to the combined academic and psycho-social impacts on children and families. A generational catastrophe that could waste untold human potential, undermine decades of progress, and exacerbate entrenched inequalities.”

The Brief calls for national authorities and the international community to come together to place education at the forefront of recovery agendas and protect investment in education. UNESCO will convene a special session of the Global Education Meeting before the end of the year.

Going back on finding the track where we need to build a bridge to overcome this darkness technology in today’s time can play a vital role, technology encourages students to collaborate more and provides them with better opportunities to communicate. Furthermore, technology also allows students to work on team projects and share their strengths. When students work together, they learn to share, learn how to listen, and work well with their fellow mates.

Well, believe it or not technical skills are important they can help you work more efficiently, boost your confidence and make you a more valuable candidate for future career choices. The biggest example of which is that according to the New Education Policy that has been approved by the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, students will be taught Coding as a subject from as early as class 6th.

School Education secretary Anita Karwal said students of class 6 and onwards will be taught coding in schools as a part of 21st-century skills.

However, with technology in today’s ever-changing world there are a few things to keep in mind that our children need to learn as well are Leadership, cultural Intelligence and the art of Leading beyond authority which in turn amazingly becomes an amalgamation of multiple skills needed in this transitional world. These skills will not turn our children into magicians overnight but will surely save them from The Silo Mentality that is seen in today’s struggling generation of people, at work, in home, in our society.

We live in a world full of complex problems, these problems cross boundaries yet most leaders do not. We need to develop leaders who can cross boundaries. Schools must break down Silos to remove barriers to equity, access to quality education and the opportunity to develop skills and competencies is vital in preparing youth for the future. An investment in their human capital is an investment in the socio-economic future of our societies.

The four C’s that create a huge impact in the 21st century education - Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking and Collaboration. It lets students lead the learning. Learning takes place best in environments where students feel empowered to learn. Our schools need to create an Inquiry-Based Classroom Environment, this would encourage collaboration and creativity and develop critical thinking skills.

Bridging the skill gap refers to the knowledge, life skills, career skills, habits, and traits that are critically important to student success in today's world, particularly as students move on to college, the workforce, and adult life. Benefits of spanning these gaps will prepare kids for change, they would be able to navigate and find information their curious minds are looking for. Children need the right tools for real world problem solving that builds up character with learning.

The future of our human race wants their young to be agile as well as empathetic towards each other. With leadership skills we would be creating a stream of influential, purposeful beings who would be self-aware of themselves.

So, when we talk about kids being independent and learning on their own it all comes from these skills. Education is changing the way teachers teach and students learn. It offers a chance to get out of boring mug-up classes and offers real life learning opportunities and diminishes the gap between what is taught in the classrooms and the real-life workplace requirements.

The writer is Vice Chairman, Khaitan Public School

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