Step-by-Step Checklist for Buying a New Car

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Step-by-Step Checklist for Buying a New Car

Thursday, 06 May 2021 | Agencies

Step-by-Step Checklist for Buying a New Car

Buying a new car is always an exciting experience for everyone. Whether you are in your 20s, 30s or 40s, it can get your hormones rush in your body. But, this experience can also be difficult if you are not fully prepared for it. You must know all the things – from where to pick the best model to how to get the car insurance in advance so that you don’t make a mistake.

Here is a quick checklist that you can use for buying a car:

1. Do Some Research

There are many things that can help you in narrowing down the options from hundreds of cars. Get the answers to the questions listed below and you will know which car will suit you the most:

  • What will be the most common use of the car?
  • Do you need extra boot space; is it going to be a 5-seater or a 7-seater car?
  • What’s your maximum budget?
  • Is there any particular style or model that you like?

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2. Check the Car: From Inside to Outside

Sometimes, cars look better in advertisements but not in real life. By having a good look of the car, you should not forget about its space. If you have a family with kids, or you have a professional need to put loads in the boot space, etc. – these factors will matter a lot. You must also sit on the driving seat and experience how you are going to feel while driving. After all, you are going to be the one who will drive the car.

3. Check Extra Features

Most of the models come with extra features like rear-view parking assist cameras, blind-spot mirrors, touchscreen infotainment systems, satellite navigation system, etc. These features are not essential but they can help in improving your overall driving experience and safety. Talk to the dealer about any preferred features if you are willing to pay a little extra sum for them.

4. Test Drive

You are going to spend a lot of hours behind the steering wheel, so make sure that you like the experience of that. If you do not like the test drive, there are high chances that you will not like the car if you buy it. The best way to take a test drive is by driving on different terrains like smooth roads and a little off-road. Check the acceleration, body roll, turning radius, low-speed manoeuvering and cornering.

5. Finances

If you are not good at negotiations, take a person along with you who can do that for you. Negotiating well can decrease the cost to tens of thousands. Once both parties agree on a final price, pay the money. If you are not buying the car in cash, ask the dealer about possible EMI options. Make sure that you understand the EMI structure full. A car loan EMI calculator can prove to be greatly helpful in this.

6. Paperwork

Read the full terms and conditions of the warranty, contract of sale, or any other financial contract that you made with a bank or the dealer. Sometimes you get extra insights into your contract or warranty when you read terms and conditions. So, remember that it is not an optional step but a must one.

7. Choosing the right Car insurance

When choosing the insurance for your car, you should compare the plans in terms of inclusions and exclusions, sum insured, claim process, various types of add-ons, deductibles, etc. Pick a plan that is most balanced in terms of cost-effectiveness and benefits. Most of the car buyers buy insurance from dealers and end up paying more. It's always a good idea to check car insurance online for the best quotes.

Check all the boxes, get the keys of your new car, and you will be ready to drive away.

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