Covid-19 cuts working mothers’ sleep by 17%

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Covid-19 cuts working mothers’ sleep by 17%

Thursday, 27 May 2021 | PNS | New Delhi

As they worked to keep their families afloat, the Covid-19 pandemic took a heavy toll — mentally or physically — on working mothers in India. A nationwide survey has found that they had significant reduction in their average sleep time and more than two-fold jump in time taken to care for elderly in the family.

The pandemic also altered their daily routine with less ‘Me’ time, according to a survey conducted by market research agency Market Xcel Data Matrix Pvt Ltd. It surveyed 1,200 working mothers online in 17 States across the country.  However, if there is one factor which has lessened their woes was their saving on their commuting time.

“Working mothers in the country are now sleeping for only 5.50 hours per day as compared to 6.50 hours every day on average in pre-covid era (before 2020), a reduction of about 17 per cent. They are now spending 01.50 hours in taking care of the elderly/others in the family as against 00.50 hours on average in pre-corona times,” pointed out the survey.

Also, the pandemic altered the routine and lifestyle of working mothers in many other ways. “They are exercising/working out only for 00.40 hours now as compared to 01.10 hours on average in pre-covid times. Similarly, they are spending far little time on their entertainment of just 01.20 hours now as against 02.30 hours earlier,” it added.

Even the time required to complete office work has gone up for them. They are now spending 08.55 hours to finish office work as compared to 06.50 hours earlier. They are also experiencing more time taken to accomplish home chores with the time now required being 04.45 hours as against 03.40 hours before 2020 with the absence of housemaids in many cases.

The working mothers are also spending a lot more time on their children’s education now with the absence of proper guidance in schools. They are spending 02.10 hours now while they were devoting 01.20 hours per day on average earlier.

“The present pandemic situation has got a ripple effect into everybody’s life. The working mothers have especially been impacted, burdened and stressed working round the clock fulfilling professional responsibilities and household duties. This is definitely not easy. We need to give some extra care for the caregivers,” said Ashwani Arora, Senior Vice President, Market Xcel Data Matrix.

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