Postmen give new lease of life to serious patients

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Postmen give new lease of life to serious patients

Tuesday, 11 May 2021 | PNS | New Delhi

Postmen give new lease  of life to serious patients

Dakiya dava laya. The vanishing tribe of postmen who formed the inseparable part of  our old world, linking loved ones with each other, have again proved to be a new lifeline in the time of crisis.

Take the case of Muradabad in Uttar Pradesh. “Dakiya babu” in Muradabad is working overtime, even on Sundays, to deliver and reconnect the needy and serious patients with their doctors and hospitals as far as Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi.

The online treatment of over 30 patients, including some suffering from cancer, has not stopped. The hospitals which used to despatch medicines by private couriers have switched to post office services following the current lockdown where most of the air and train services have been stopped.

According to senior post office official Veer Singh, the moment patient informs that medicines have been dispatched  through postal courier,  “We immediately check online and deliver medicine parcels to patients the moment they land here, even on Sundays or night.”

Officials and postmen are contacted and offices are unlocked on holidays and packets are reached at patients’ doorsteps.

A cancer patient in Majhola, who was prescribed medicines by a Mumbai hospital , kept receiving his special drugs as postmen ensured his life is not disrupted by coronavirus clamp down as it did to many in over last on year.

The Government has issued a notification to exempt the postal service from the purview of the Covid lockdown.

“Considering the fact that postal services are essential services and are required to continue un-hindered during any partial lockdown or restrictions imposed by the respective State/UT Governments, the postal circles are  hereby directed to kindly adhere to the broad guidelines,” the Government said in a notification.

The extra zeal and inspired work of postmen here has ensured that the medical treatment is not discontinued even for one day.

And now in Muradabad, it is turning out to be a changed song instead of “Dakiya daak laya.., of poet-song writer Gulzar,” it is now “Dakiya dava laya”.

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