Weigh in consequences

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Weigh in consequences

Tuesday, 16 March 2021 | Dr Manoj Kutteri

Maintaining good and healthy lifestyle is essential for overall weight management, says Dr Manoj Kutteri

Ever wondered how maintaining an optimum weight can solve many of our health problems?  Weight balance and a healthy digestive system are the two major aspects of our good health. A healthy lifestyle includes good food, nutrition and adequate physical activity.  in recent times, a lot of importance have been given in going back to the traditional way of living for maintaining optimum health.  Our ancestors not only followed a healthy diet, but also believed in good physical activity for balancing weight. Several factors contribute to one's weight. Thus, choosing what is right for you personally is what we need to focus on. 

As we know, maintaining good and healthy lifestyle is essential for overall weight, which will help in preventing many health complications that may arise from obesity. Just like overweight, being underweight also can be harmful especially when you are starving from the key nutrients that are essential to your day to day life. Hence, it is important to focus on keeping the weight in balance that helps to lower the risk of various metabolic issues and make us feel good inside out.

How weight balance affects digestion:

Since majority of us work from home, our lifestyle has changed totally with more stress; binge eating, unhealthy diet and a sedentary lifestyle, which has lead to a whole lot of digestive distress and cause constipation, bloating and other problems related to our digestive tract and such poor digestion can also lead to unnecessary weight gain. Thus, balancing our weight and doing moderate exercise every day can stimulate our intestinal activities and can prevent us from facing digestive problems at a later period.

Three effective ways to balance your weight:

Yoga: Yoga is one of the most trusted and effective forms of exercise, yoga not only helps in improving your digestive system but will also help improve your mental wellbeing. 

Food and nutrition: Having a balanced and nutrient-rich diet is important for maintaining optimum weight. It is necessary to look into what we eat every day. Improper diet is one of the major reasons why we face digestive problems and weight gain. A well-balanced diet is the need of the hour especially during the seasonal changes. During summer, with the rising temperature and humidity outside, we may face difficulty in digesting the foods that we usually consume.  Adding more fibre rich foods to our diet will help us in improving our digestive tract and eventually lead to weight balance.

Get moving: The best way to do this is by including your favourite activities in your daily routine. Try to move around to make the most of it. Try to include activities like dance, walking, spinning in your daily routine, which gives you a lot of movement and will always increase the scope of your fitness in various ways and it helps to promote the healthy functioning of your digestive system.

The writer is Wellness Director,  Atmantan Wellness Centre

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