Sambhavna turns saviour

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Sambhavna turns saviour

Sunday, 09 May 2021 | MUSBA HASHMI

Sambhavna turns saviour

SAMBHAVNA SETH, who was last seen in Gudiya Hamari Sabhi Pe Bhari, is now playing the role of a saviour, not on TV but in real life. She speaks with MUSBA HASHMI about how she is busy arranging oxygen cylinders and also highlights a case of black marketing of essentials

What made you work so actively to help people by going out of the way?

The realisation that how serious COVID is. Like many, I too wasn’t taking COVID seriously until my whole family in Delhi contracted the virus. That was an eye opener. Things turned bad when my father, who is 80, wasn’t getting a bed. I took to my social media and posted for help. Immediately, my inbox was flooded with leads, people stood up to help. I would also want to thank Manoj Tiwari and his wife Surbhi for helping me. Thankfully, with all the help, I was able to arrange a bed for my father. He is recovering, but has suffered memory loss. All this coupled with an urge to give back to everyone who needs it made me take this route. I now try and help people from all over the country with oxygen supply, beds and ventilators.

Your efforts paid off and you were able to save many lives. How did that feel?

The feeling is amazing. It is not as if I am doing it for appreciation, but when people actually call me to inform that they have got all the essentials and thank me, it feels good. Every life is precious and every human being is priority. Being able to save someone’s life is a different feeling. Both my husband Avinash (Dwivedi) and I want to do our bit and do what best is possible. I do all this for my happiness.

Do you also receive backlash from people?

There are times when families abuse me when I am unable to help them. It does demotivate me, but I understand their situation and what they are going through. Recently, I reached out to a family who was in need of oxygen cylinders. I called them up to inform where they can get it from, but the man on the phone told me: We don’t know who you are, but how do you expect me to leave my father alone and go. I told him that he needs oxygen and I am trying to help him, but he was so upset and for all the right reasons, that he didn’t listen. It felt bad, of course. But then I heard his father gasping for air, I took his address and got the cylinder delivered to his place.

You recently posted a video about a black marketer of oxygen. How saddening is it to see such cases?

It’s bad. More so, when a person who calls someone his sister does it for the sake of money. If you see the video, you will get to know about the whole case. To cut it short, a 29-year-old girl was in dire need of oxygen in Delhi. Her 50-year-old mother reached out to me for help. She stays in Mumbai. I arranged everything for free, but the person who went to pick up the oxygen cylinder took money from both sides, from the one who needed it and the one who was giving. And then to take everything a notch higher he told the girl’s mother that he didn’t get it. I called him and gave him a reality check.  It’s saddening to see such people who are making money even at such a scenario. The good thing is, on the other hand, we do have people like Sonu Sood. He is like a God for many today.

A lesson that you learnt during the pandemic.

Help people as much as you can and don’t expect anything in return, not even a thank you. Keep doing good and karma will come back to you.

People loved you in your last show. Can we expect you back on TV anytime soon?

I did get an offer for a Colors’ show sometime back, but they were shooting in Gujarat and I can’t travel. I have three dogs, one of which is 17 and he can’t see or hear. It is impossible to leave my babies back home and travel. But, having said that, I would love to be back on TV with a dance reality show. If got a chance, I will definitely grab the opportunity.

Your YouTube channel is about to hit 2 million subscribers. What has been your success mantra?

I never ran behind numbers. For me, what matters is the love of people which I am getting in abundance. As for my vlogs, I just take up my camera and start shooting. Both Avinash and I are humorous people and that is what is evident in our vlogs too. The audience loves it. I don’t prepare a master plan for content, it is all natural. I have always wanted to make people happy and show my unedited self and that is what I am doing on my channel. This can be our success mantra.

What is keeping you busy during the lockdown?

This time, the situation is so bad that we are just trying to stay positive. As compared to last year, I am not making any dishes, just don’t feel like also because we are on a strict diet. So the recipes have to wait, but our vlogs and laugh will continue.

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