‘Endurer’ imparts wisdom on deep-rooted social coding

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‘Endurer’ imparts wisdom on deep-rooted social coding

Thursday, 22 July 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

‘Endurer’ imparts wisdom on deep-rooted social coding

Author Kapil Raj’s new book ‘Endurer', A Rape Story, endorses an awareness campaign #SheisnotaVictim #SheisanEndurer and has traveled across States and cities, following sessions  and discussions.

 Kapil Raj shares about his book “Our behavior towards victims is still based out of deep-rooted social coding. Even the sufferer forces self to blame and undergoes a difficult and harrowing time, getting secondary wounding by the near and dear ones.”

The author explains his journey and inspiration behind his novel, “ I am often being asked the inspiration behind my novel. And the truth is there is no inspiration but frustration which propelled me to embark on this journey.

At the time of the Nirbhaya Incident, every news channel was swamped with the crime story, and the country was taken up by the mob marches. Coincidentally, my housemaid lost her three-year-old daughter to a rape committed by an unknown preparatory when she was out for work.

The family did not report the incident to the police dreading the rebuttal provoked investigation and a possibility that even their complaint will not be recorded.”

The author has a piece of advice for the aspiring authors “ Patience and Persistence. In my opinion, the presence of these two emotions makes all the difference. In their desperation, I observe many young authors write what they don’t believe, pick up genres or topics only based on the popularity in current times.

I respect their choices but writing a book is like connecting with your soul. You create an alternative world, give life to the characters, pour life into the story – one can only justify the effort if the writer is true to self.

Often, I come across book writing tips, getting published, becoming famous, and authors start focusing more than on actual writing. The core of any writing is to write a book that could ride tides of time – the rest will surely follow.”

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