‘Weather changes a wakeup call for earthlings’

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‘Weather changes a wakeup call for earthlings’

Sunday, 15 August 2021 | PNS | NEW DELHI

There is a need to bring issues of global warming, climate change, environmental degradation, desertification and irregularities in weather pattern to the forefront and create mass awareness regarding them. This concern was shared by eminent weather scientist and IMD Director General Dr Mrutyunjaya Mohapatra while inaugurating a book entitled ‘Swoon Seasons’ written by Delhi-based journalist Bibhuti Pati on Saturday.

Dr Mohapatra said, “Journalists should highlight the environmental threats that pose one of the serious challenges to human existence.” He emphasised that protection of biodiversity and ecology is a moral responsibility of all human beings. Environmental reporting should be the topmost priority for young journalists.At the same time, he expressed his concern on how environmental journalists are being hounded by different bodies and facing serious threats around the world. Though climate change is a global phenomenon, its impact is very critical on the local front and it needs immediate action at the local level, he said.

‘Swoon Seasons’ is a guide to general public, journalists, writers, researchers, lovers of ecology and environment on the visible and not-so-visible impacts of climate change. It will also provide good knowledge to people on how to tackle climate change threats and protect their environment.

The writer has talked about local and comprehensive climate change, global warming, and greenhouse gas emission issues which threaten to jeopardise the very existence of our planet. The series of reports in the book is substantiated by research and followed by analysis. The book also presents views of various national and international climate scientists, environmentalists and ecology and biodiversity experts.  It also includes the United Nation’s database reports. It too focuses on various plans and programmes initiated and taken by Governments and administrations to handle climate change crisis. The inauguration ceremony of the book was held at the IMD Conferences Hall and attended by many eminent weather forecast experts and environmentalists. The book was lauded for its title ‘Swoon Seasons’ which is very relevant for the modern-age crisis.

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