18+ jab drive in all 272 wards soon: Govt

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18+ jab drive in all 272 wards soon: Govt

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 | Sapna Singh | NEW DELHI

Initiating its first vaccination drive for Covid-19 at 301 centres operationalised at Government schools for 18-44 age group, the Delhi Government on Monday said it will expand immunisation centres in all 272 wards for swift action as vaccination is the only weapon to combat coronavirus.

“About 92 lakh people have been registered for the free vaccination drive for 18-44 years, a Government official said.

While the city administration is aiming to set up 3000 vaccination centres which will be operating at 300 schools across Delhi, many people had to travel inter-districts to get vaccinated due to non - availability of the vaccine at their nearest centres mentioned in the list released by Delhi Government on Sunday, particularly people residing in south-west district.

To mount surveillance on the ongoing vaccination drive at limited centres, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia and Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai also visited different centres located West Vinod Nagar and Shahdara.

Explaining the situation, Sisodia said the Government has received 4.5 lakh vaccination doses until now, on the basis of which 301 vaccination centres have been set up in 76 schools across Delhi, vaccinating 45,100 citizens.

“The West Vinod Nagar Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya School in itself has 5 centres that are working parallelly in the school.

We want to ensure that all citizens between the ages of 18-45 are vaccinated, and are committed to scale vaccination centres in Delhi in a way that each school has 10 vaccination centres.”

Rai said, “We are regularly communicating and as and when we receive the next consignment, we will keep increasing the number of centres”

As per the data of Delhi government, more than 33 lakh doses have been administered since the initiation of Covid-19 vaccination in Delhi till now.

“More than 7 lakh beneficiaries have been completely vaccinated with 2 doses of vaccination while daily vaccination capacity for the 45 plus age group is about 60,000,” a Delhi government official said.

“As per the ongoing trend, youth are on the target of Wuhan virus, we should get vaccinate ourselves as soon as possible, however, amid lockdown restriction, traveling to other district is trouble when the virus is in air,” said Mandar Lokhande , a public servant, who travelled central district to get his first shot of Corona vaccine, adding, “I am happy though as to get vaccine is priority and will give sense of relief.”

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