Atishi: Delhi model of education being recognised worldwide

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Atishi: Delhi model of education being recognised worldwide

Tuesday, 23 February 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

The Delhi model of education is being recognised worldwide for its unique approach and focus on all-round student development, said senior AAP leader Atishi while addressing the prestigious Harvard-India conference 2021.

The AAP MLA was joined by Shaheen Mistri, CEO Teach for India, Rukmini Banerji, CEO Pratham Education Foundation and Emmerich Davies, Assistant Professor of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She also spoke about ‘Tackling unequal access to education worsened by Covid-19’ in the conference.

“ In India the quality of education worsens as you go down the economic spectrum but during Covid-19, the gap deepened even more.”  said Atishi.

Atishi also emphasised on the role of the family and community in shaping a child’s future. “ The real outcome of Covid times for me is not as much the question of continuing online education, but the growing role of parents, the family and the community. It is something we can really build upon.”  said Atishi

In the past year, Delhi Government school’s have regularly reached out to parents to keep them in the loop and enquire about challenges faced at home, she said, adding that these scheduled calls made by the school management committee to further build on the relationship between the school and the home.

While praising Atishi’s efforts in re-imagining the education system in Delhi, Shaheen Mistri said “ What is happening in Delhi is just phenomenal, it is top down will that is causing this revolution. We need to get the drivers of education inside of govt to grow and get better across the country” .

Atishi concluded with hope and empathy for the student-teacher community. “ In July, August 2021, we will be in a position to open schools. Our biggest challenge then will be how to deal with the learning loss.”  she said.

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