BeMC asked to limits it's No. of wards to 42

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BeMC asked to limits it's No. of wards to 42

Thursday, 02 December 2021 | KRUSHNA CHANDRA PADA | BRAHMAPUR

The Brahmapur Municipal Corporation (BeMC) has received a communication reportedly to clear its stand on the existing strength of wards and whether the number of wards can further be increased based on the population.

Sources said that BeMC Commissioner Sidheswar Boliram Bonder, however, has already sent the reservation list earlier for 43 wards under the administrative ambience of the BeMC ahead of the urban poll, but the State Government has reportedly issued a directive to the BeMC Commissioner again to limit the total number of wards to 42 based on the population. Hence, the BeMC Commissioner will make a fresh exercise after due scrutiny and will send its reservation list limiting to the total number of wards to 42 only.

Though the BeMC is currently having a total of 40 wards, it is going to get two more new wards increasing the current strength to 42. Now, the reservation list sent for 43 wards earlier by the BeMC needs to be reorganised afresh as the strength of total wards is to be reduced to 42.

As a result, some areas which were shown in ward No. 43 earlier will have to be added or merged or distributed under some other wards as part of the reorganization exercise without any change in the reservation list, sources said.

The prospective candidates who are expecting to contest in the upcoming urban polls are closely watching the situation and waiting for the final reservation list to come. The BeMC will start the process of poll preparation, soon after it gets the orders from the State Government in the matter, BeMC sources said.

It may be recalled here that, since 2018 no election has been conducted to the BeMC council. Notably in 2008, the BeMC was upgraded to the status of a Corporation with 35 wards which was increased to 40 only in 2013. Notably, out of 40 wards, wards from 35 to 40 come under the jurisdiction of Gopalpur Assembly Constituency.

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