CM Yogi slams Oppn for uproar in Parl over Pegasus spying scandal

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CM Yogi slams Oppn for uproar in Parl over Pegasus spying scandal

Wednesday, 21 July 2021 | PNS | Lucknow


Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath attacked opposition parties over the uproar over the Pegasus espionage scandal in Parliament, saying that the opposition leaders were engaging in negative politics and bringing disrepute to the country.
Addressing a press conference in Lucknow on Tuesday, the chief minister said, “The opposition has become a part of a conspiracy to defame India. Similar conspiracy was hatched during the India visit of former US President Donald Trump. The opposition is defaming democracy as well. This is part of a bigger conspiracy where such fabricated allegations are made even before the commencement of the session of Parliament.”
Yogi further said, “Farmers issues and coronavirus catastrophe are to be discussed in this session of Parliament but the opposition is bent on disrupting the session. This is an insult to democracy. This malicious thinking of the opposition to defame the country will never succeed."
Slamming the Congress, the chief minister said that when the US President came to India, riots were planned at that time.
“All this is an attempt to disturb the country. The opposition is maligning the image of the country. They do not want the people of the backward society of the country to come forward. This is the reason that when ministers from Dalit and Backward Classes were to be introduced on the first day of Parliament session, there was a lot of uproar. They are misleading the farmers but these people will never succeed in their cause,” he added.
Yogi said that he had been a member of Parliament for 19-20 years and it was a tradition for the prime minister to introduce the new ministers to the House at the beginning of the session.
“The opposition did not allow the prime minister to introduce leaders from deprived sections who have been made ministers. The opposition should tell the people as to why they did not allow the proper introduction of ministers,” he said.
Referring to the ongoing farmers' protest, the chief minister said that the agitation had also been turned into a protest against India due to the opposition's negative politics. “The people of India will respond in the same manner as they did in 2019," Yogi said.

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