Discarded stethoscope used for oxygen flow in MMCH

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Discarded stethoscope used for oxygen flow in MMCH

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 | M FAIYAZ AHMAD | DALTONGANJ

Necessity is the mother of invention and here in Daltonganj Civil Surgeon Dr Anil Kumar Srivastav has done one such homemade invention to help reach oxygen flow to the admitted Covid positive patients in need of this in the various Covid treatment hubs in the Medinirai medical college hospital in Daltonganj.

The invention is of zero investment and with no technicality. It is eco-friendly and easy to handle. No extra wisdom but a common sense is all that is needed for it, said the civil surgeon.

Srivastav said he is using discarded stethoscopes. He said none could have imagined that a discarded stethoscope can be of so great a use in time like this when oxygen cylinder regulator gets scarce like the filled oxygen cylinders.

The discarded stethoscopes have three pieces one chest piece and two ear pieces.

Srivastav said he has removed all the three pieces from the discarded stethoscopes. It is now a forked pipe line only.

Now this forked is serving as pipe line of the oxygen flow from the jumbo size medical oxygen cylinder.

Srivastav said they had one 138 regulators but there is no clue as to where 78 of them have gone as now they have only 60 regulators that they are using.

A regulator in the jumbo size oxygen cylinder means only one patient will get the oxygen if it is not coming from the pipe line.

Srivastav said with this forked, piece less discarded stethoscopes they are giving oxygen to two Covid positive patients from one jumbo size medical oxygen cylinder at one point of time.

It is a big relief and there is no problem at all civil surgeon reminded. He said he started this local jugaad technique from Sunday and around a dozen patients got the oxygen from the jumbo size medical oxygen cylinders.

Srivastav said he has made a fervent request to his doctor friends to donate their discarded stethoscopes for this use here. This is a minimum substitute for the missing medical oxygen cylinder regulators.

Sources said it is feared disgruntled attendants of the Covid positive patients in sheer recklessness might have played the vanishing trick with the regulators of medical oxygen cylinders when they had problems  in getting oxygen easily.

Raju Mahto, M K Singh,  Malti Devi,  Nibha Devi and few more had oxygen by this local jugaad technique and had no problem of any sort reiterated Srivastav.

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