Folk, tribal dance, music performed under Gamak series

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Folk, tribal dance, music performed under Gamak series

Thursday, 04 March 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The Bhopalites enjoyed a calm evening with folk and tribal dance and music as Bagheli Gayan and Bhil tribal dance were performed under Gamak series on Wednesday at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum.

Harishchandra Dubey and group performed 'Bagheli Gayan' and Shailendra Mandod and group performed Bhil Tribal Dance 'Bhagoria' and  'Teja Ji Katha Gayan' .

The presentation started with the singing of Bageli by Harishchandra Dubey and the group. They began with Tilak song - Raja Dasaratha Phule Na Samayan from the beginning of the presentation followed by Sohag song - Awa Chalo Sakhiyan Shiv Shankar ji's temple, Bundeli Kajri - Varsha hai paniya Dadra - Jare Bhinasare ki Nindiya Kare and Banara - Seven Sik Ka Pinjarwa Ho etc. presented Bagheli songs.

He was accompanied by  Lallu Prasad Verma on keyboard, Ragini Kushwaha and Chandrakant Pandey on vocals, on Jhalar by Neeraj Kumar Pandey, on Octapad by Dhiraj Kumar Pandey and Naal byVishisht Jaiswal.

Harishchandra Dubey has been associated with music for the last ten years and he has given your presentation on many big forums.

The second presentation was the presentation of 'Teja Ji Katha Gayan' and the Bhil tribal dance 'Bhagoria' by Shailendra Mandod and colleagues.

Tejaji is believed to be the folk god of the tribal community, in the story of Tejaji, today his religious sister who is a Gwalan, the mania thief steals his cattle, when Tejaji learns that his sister's cattle has been stolen by the mania thief, he We are going to get rid of him. On the way, his foot falls on the tail of a snake, when the snake bites him, Tejji urges him that he is going through a very important task and will come back to you as soon as he finishes the work. After conquering the war with the mania thief arrives at the den of Nag to fulfill his promise and fulfill his promise.

Bhagoria Dance  is a traditional dance of the Bhil tribe. The haats, held seven days before Holi in Phagun month, are danced with traditional colorful clothes, jewelery by Bhil youths and girls with full enthusiasm and enthusiasm. After harvesting, the community comes to these haats for the maintenance of the year. In Bhagoria dance, various footsteps, Pali, Chakripali and Pyramid dance postures are the center of attraction. Adorned and dressed in colorful costumes and dancing in hand, the typical traditional and supernatural structure is dancing.

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