From wager’s child to teacher to IAS officer

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From wager’s child to teacher to IAS officer

Saturday, 24 July 2021 | Prasant Das | BRAHMAPUR

Once, Vijay in his tiny age was crying to get family’s assurance to fulfil his wish of becoming a doctor. Though his father could understand his strong eagerness, he was incapable of telling him, “go ahead, I’ll support”, as he was living with penury and was largely dependent on wage labour.

After a while he could muster up courage only to advise him to continue studies to become a teacher at best.

These are the portion of a book ‘Today is Mine,’ an autobiographical account of Ganjam district Collector Vijay Amruta Kulange, now a popular name in Odisha.

Kulange by virtue of his strong commitment and strict discipline contained the first wave and second wave of Covid-19 in the district. Many of his life experiences are narrated in the book.

Apart from dealing successfully with Covid-19 wave in district where lakhs of migrant labourers returned home, during the first wave, it was really a massive task to quarantine, trace, test and treat the positive cases.

Kulange’s innovative ideas to combat the Covid pandemic had set a precedent for others to follow, with many in the country hailing as ‘Ganjam strategy’. Earlier, before Covid pandemic, he had undertaken many progressive steps in the district and had introduced ‘Jala Ghanti’ (Water Bell) in schools for students to drink water at regular intervals, checking child marriage, ‘A Child, A Tree’, ‘Movement of Revenue Rath’ to name but a few. He also had taken special initiatives to highlight Ganjam’s rich tradition and culture.

During the early part of his career, it seemed to Vijay that his dream was shattered. But, he didn’t lose hope and marched ahead in his studies. After completing academic education, he had completed teacher’s training and became a teacher to fulfil his father’s wish first.

A strong willingness shows path to success, and a doer emerges victorious is all that Kulange proved. He made it to the Indian Civil Services Examinations and became an IAS officer.

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