Haryana supplying untreatable water to Delhi: DJB

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Haryana supplying untreatable water to Delhi: DJB

Wednesday, 14 April 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Jal Board (DJB) Vice Chairman Raghav Chadha accused the Haryana Government of supplying pollutant water that is untreatable by any world-class treatment plants.

“We demand that the Haryana Government must supply water that is legally designated to and within the range of treatable PPM. The water up to 1 ppm can be treated and as of 4 PM at the stage of 7.6 PPM, which is untreatable. The Haryana Government must wake up,” he said.

He claimed that the Haryana Government willfully violated the right to life of people of 22 million citizens of Delhi.

“Haryana is not only transmitting pollutant water but has also reduced the level of water that it should maintain. The water they are transmitting is untreatable, and the pollutants cannot be diluted. We have been forced that neither can we make the water clean and pollutant-free nor can the water treatment plants function in 100 per cent capacity. This is the poisonous water that is being supplied to us by the Haryana government,” he said.

“The water is treated in three water treatment plants and transmitted to homes of Central, South and West Delhi. These plants are Wazirabad, Okhla, and Chandrawal. In Wazirabad, 135 MGD should be the optimum capacity, which has been reduced to 82 MGD today, directly meaning a shortage of 53 million gallons per day. In Chandrawal, we produce 92 MGD of water, which has been reduced to 71 MGD, a reduction of 21 MGD of water. In Okhla, we produce 21 MGD of water, today, it is at a stage of 10 MGD. So, in total, 85 MGD of the water supply has been reduced due to the whammy created by Haryana. The way the Haryana Government is working today, it looks like this 85 MGD will also be surpassed," he added..

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