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Tuesday, 04 May 2021 | PNS

Masks, sanitiser distributed among scribes

Masks and sanitiser bottles were distributed among the media personnel of the Capital City at the Congress Control Room on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day by the Professional Congress Committee and Charitable Chambers. On this occasion, JPCC president, Dr Rameshwar Oraon and Convener of Control Room, Pradeep Tulsyan, Professional Congress President cum Member Secretary, Member of Control Room were present. Oraon congratulated the media persons present on World Press Freedom Day and said that journalism is considered as the fourth pillar of democracy, as it plays an important role in influencing or changing the views of the people. In this terrible corona epidemic, the media is doing its best to make people aware, who deserve thanks. While congratulating scribes on World Press Freedom Day, JPPC president Aditya Vikram Jaiswal said that a journalist’s pen has tremendous power to change society. If the media wants, it can diagnose every problem by making the society, state, country and the whole world aware. Freedom of the press in India is ensured by the fundamental right to freedom of expression given to Indians in Article 19 of the Indian Constitution. It is used with the media with the public and leads the development of the country.


SCS celebrates Labour Day

To celebrate the painstaking efforts of the labour force, the students of class III performed many activities. A speech was delivered by Chaitanya and English and Hindi poems were recited by Aakriti Khawas and Angela Das. Posters were also designed portraying the importance of this day. They also made thank you cards and expressed their gratitude by giving away cards and flowers to the helpers at home. To respect and appreciate the efforts of the labourers, children participated by dressing up as a plumber, mechanic, cook, fisherman, cleaner, painter, etc. The Principal Samita Sinha said “We must learn to respect and appreciate their efforts. This day is a reminder for us that these are the real architects of our society”. The young ones were overwhelmed  by this act of thankfulness and enjoyed the day.


Civil Society holds Covid tests, awareness works

Members of Ashok Nagar Club and Civil Society, Ashok Nagar, in collaboration with Dr. Sharan Lab (Matrix Lab and S. Sharan Lab), set up camp for the Covid Test in Ashok Nagar. The camp was held for two days and more than 150 people got it examined. Members of civil society, Ashok Nagar, told that many people are getting upset for the test, so such a camp was organized in which not only Ashok Nagar but also people from nearby have come to investigate. Ashok Nagar Club President BP Sinha, Pradeep Kumar, Vinita Sharan, Co-Secretaries Mukesh Kumar, Pranay Kumar, Ajay Pandey, Praveen Nandan Sahay, Shankar Verma, Shwetank Srivastava and Civil Other members of the society contributed significantly. Apart from this, members of Civil Society, Ashok Nagar are also spreading awareness to follow the Covid Guidelines among the people by putting up posters and banners in the colony. Posters and banners have been put up on behalf of the organization in all the places where people used to gather and people are constantly being requested to protect themselves and others in this epidemic. In view of the present situation, the organization has also arranged oxygen cylinders which are being made available to the people as per the requirement.

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