Kabir Gayaki, tribal dance performed at MPSTM

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Kabir Gayaki, tribal dance performed at MPSTM

Thursday, 14 January 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

The Bhopalites enjoyed Kabir Gayaki and tribal dance on Wednesday. The performances were held at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum under Gamak series of performances.  Kabir Gayaki was performed by Ravidas Gangapari and group from Rajgarh and Gond tribal dance ‘Karama aur Saila’ were performed by  Patiram Marco and grouo from Dindori.

The series of spellbinding performances  started with Kabir Gayaki by Ravidas Gangapari and group. He began his performance  with Iska Bhed Bata Mere.

His perdormance was followed with Mere avadu karne kar le tu, ag rang mahal ajab sahar main, mat kya maya eh kar boge kaya, kaya aaya hai javgo khabar. He performed the poetries of Sant Kabir mesmerisingly. He wrapped up the performance with Hako Mere Ram Gadi. Gangapari has been performing Kabir Gayaki for the last ten years, he got his singing education from his parents and grandfather, he has performed in many prestigious forums in the country.

 He was accompanied by Sunil Mandal in Sahagyan on Jhanj, Harshvardhan Gangapari on violin, Mukesh Malvi on Dholak, Pankaj Malvi and Sachin Malvi in ??Dimki playing.

The second performance was the Gond tribal dance 'Karama Aur Saila' by  Patiram Marco and group.  Patiram Marco was on the flute and he was accimpanied on the mandal by Bhel Singh Dhurve and Vishram Baghel on Gudum and Dinesh Kumar Bharve. 

Karma is an inspirational dance, Karma dance is performed in Karmapuja festival in eastern Madhya Pradesh. Both young men and women take part in the dance. Gond tribals perform Karma dance in almost all seasons except rain. The field of Karama dance-song is very wide in Madhya Pradesh. It extends from remote Chhattisgarh to Gond and Baiga tribals of Mandla.

Saila dance is performed on the moonlight nights of autumn. It was named Saila due to the poles of about a quarter of a hand. Saila dance is practiced to please Adidev. Karama Saila is a popular dance of the Gond tribe.

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