Karadi Path organises Insta live conversation in first session of art, literature, music festival

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Karadi Path organises Insta live conversation in first session of art, literature, music festival

Saturday, 04 December 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Get Set Parents' Children Art, Literature and Music festival with Vishwarang, held its first session on Friday 'Insta Live on raising Good Readers' by Karadi Path. Karadi Path is an educational company, which aims to make English language learning and reading easier. This Insta live conversation was hosted by Get Set Parent’s founder Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi.

She interacted with Karadi Path’s Vice President Preetika Venkatkrishnan who emphasized on good understanding of language in children and told them to tell stories in an interesting way.

Lavanya of Karadi Path Education Company narrated the children a story named 'The Lizard's Tale' . Through this story of a lizard she told children how everyone is beautiful and different in their own ways. 'Kutti and the Mouse' - a story of 7 kids and their favourite treat - was narrated by N Lal Varghese. The story was written by Shobha Vishwanath and illustrated by Malavika.

The second session of Vishwarang was 'Character Sketching and Illustration' workshop by Nancy Raj. Nancy Raj is a well known Madhubani Art Illustrator. She explained the nuances of Madhubani art in the session and told the importance of Madhubani art through 'Hanuman's Ramayan', a book written and illustrated by Devdutt Patnaik. She said the illustrations of this book have been done in Madhubani art style, due to which the book is more Indian, more ethnic, more beautiful and more expressive. In the workshop, she imparted training to children on how to make different designs of Madhubani art.

In the third session, 'Story Telling by Rituparna Ghosh', the founder of Your Story Bag, Rituparna Ghosh narrated a story about Iceland to the children. She also doodled the characters and images of story and also taught children how to make doodle books.

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