Kaun banega pati!

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Kaun banega pati!

Friday, 05 March 2021 | PNS | Lucknow

Girl in love with four compelled to marry one through lottery

In a bizarre case of 'kaun banega pati' in Rampur, a girl having affairs with four youths had eloped with all of them but after she was pressured to marry one of them, she was left with no option but to decide her husband through lottery.

Interestingly, till the last moment the girl could not decide whom to marry amongst the four.

According to reports, a girl belonging to a minority community in Azeemnagar locality of Tanda town in Rampur district had affairs with four youths belonging to three neighbouring villages. Last week she decided to live with all the four so she eloped with them and stayed with them for two days before the family traced her with the help of police.

The family wanted to get a case registered against the youths but as the girl was an adult and said that she had willingly eloped with the four youths, the senior citizens of the area influenced the family to find an amicable solution.

To decide the matter, panchayats were held at different levels during the last three days and finally the girl was asked to choose one youth for `nikah'. However, the girl claimed she was in love with all the four and that she was confused with whom of the four to go ahead for `nikah'.

Finally, the panchayat called a boy, put the name slips of all the four youths in a box and asked him to pick up one slip.

Later, `nikah' of the girl was solemnised with the youth whose name slip was picked by the boy.

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