MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal nurtured a thought of giving back to society

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MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal nurtured a thought of giving back to society

Sunday, 12 December 2021 | Staff Reporter | bhopal

Coming from an IT background and gradually foraying into the business of food, beverages and Ayurveda, MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal nurtured a thought of giving back to society. Education can make or break a society was his belief, and lack of compassion and depleting core Indian values amongst the new generation was his concern.

He came up with a novel idea of an education system which is based on Indian Vedic values and various healthy educational methodologies to run and support the underprivileged kids which is now known as DiViNiTi Primary School & Day care.  MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal is also starting a chain of DiViNiTi Healthcare Clinics which will provide almost free yet quality Allopathy & Ayurvedic medical advices, quality generic medicine along with quality Ayurvedic medicines to poor and lower strata of society.

MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal is awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Ayurveda, Astrology and Vaastu Sciences by American University 2021. He is the founder & CEO of Noida based IT company, ITCONS e-Solution Private Limited, which he founded in 2007. He is also founder & Chairperson of MahhaGuru NavGrah Private Limited, an FMCG & Ayurvedic medicine venture founded in 2018. MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal is also the chairperson and managing trustee for Mahakal Maharaj Bikaner Sewa Mandir Trust which was founded in 2015. MahhaGuru Gauravv Mittal owns a couple of patents and brands like RashiJal & NavGrah in the space of FMCG & Ayurvedic products.

He frequently appears on various TV shows, debates, newspaper columns and is active on various social media platforms. His predictions and suggestions have been right in almost every case.

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