Measures taken to prevent milk theft and mixing of water in milk tankers: MP Coop Dairy Fed MD

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Measures taken to prevent milk theft and mixing of water in milk tankers: MP Coop Dairy Fed MD

Saturday, 09 October 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Managing Director MP State Co-Operative Dairy Federation Shamimuddin informed that in order to prevent the incidents of milk theft and mixing of water in the milk tankers of Sanchi, digital locks, vehicle tracking system and pH sensors are being installed in 155 tankers of all the milk federations of the state. Madhya Pradesh will probably be the first state in the country where this initiative is being taken by the State Milk Federation to maintain the high quality of milk.

The Managing Director stated that to ensure that the tanker is being opened at the designated place by the authorised person, high quality IP-68, EN-16864, CEN-4 certified Mechatronics digital locks would be installed at the inlet and outlet of the milk tankers. These locks will be waterproof and will work at a temperature between 20 and 65 degree Celsius. The locks will have 128 bit encryption, which can be opened only with OTP based Bluetooth keys.

The entire task of tanker's monitoring will be controlled through software through control rooms set up at 4 locations in the state. The tracking of the movement of tankers will be done through Vehicle Tracking System. Due to this the tankers will not be able to move from the designated route. Alerts will be issued to the concerned in the event of the tanker moving away from the predetermined route, parking at a place other than the predetermined committee or tampering.

The concerned officers will monitor the operation of the tankers through the mobile app. Through the pH sensor, if there is any adulteration of water or anything in the milk, it will be detected. It is worth mentioning that Sanchi is a reputed brand of the state, which is committed to quality.

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