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Thursday, 14 January 2021 | Suman Rastogi

When we are at the threshold of half a century …, I mean the crossover from 50 to the retirement approaching decade,  what are the things that cross our mind?

I think,  gone are the days, when we used to dread the approaching midlife crisis, the approaching retirement, the approaching No work - No pay phase, the sense of worthlessness when we would no longer be working, the possible fallouts of ill health, living alone …doing nothing. In fact, 50 is the new 25.  Raring to go...on LIFE .

Aren’t we becoming a completely different person as we are ageing … gathering experiences, seeing life,travelling the world, realizing what actually matters and what doesn’t, holding on to the close group of friends we have who have weathered all the storms together  and now,nothing can separate us?

Can money buy happiness? It can sure buy comfort; make our life easier, but happiness? It comes only with passion, dedication,  with the satisfaction of our duties well done, doing something new and amazing each day,  changing a person’s life, meeting a long lost friend, contributing our bit to the society, bringing a smile on someone’s lips,seeing our dreams come true.  This realization helps us to change our course in life. To chase our dreams...instead of chasing the money.And the journey gets so much more exciting !

The world is an open stage now, and anyone can have his or her share of fame. Got any talent … you can showcase it.Got a hobby or passion … you can make it your earning.Got a dream … you can make it a reality. We can try new things with absolutely no inhibitions now.Whether it is learning a new instrument,  new course, indulging into a  new hobby, changing into a new career,taking the road less travelled, serving the society, trying a  new dress,  trying our hand at singing,  dancing, cooking,any creative area which was always there in our mind,  but could not do it for fear of rejection or failure.Never was this freedom of choice. To do anything, be anything!

If one can do something different, or differently, the world is out there, waiting to lap it all up.So, all that we had been thinking of doing all our lives, but never had the courage to do it, the time is now.  There is no age bar. Infact, since we are mostly settled in our lives at this stage, with no fear of losing much, and hardly care what the world is going to think, now is the best time.And of course,all our experiences of life can be put to good use. Maintaining good health, both physical and mental, there are wonders waiting to be achieved.

So can there be a better time to cross 50? To enjoy the joys of  good food, good company, good conversations, good music, good travel, good work, or just the silence…whatever makes one happy and content.  It could be the race of the corporate world, which could get a person’s adrenaline gushing. Or it could be the peace of being with oneself, following his or her heart.  To each, his own.But, surely the excitement is just beginning,the new journey is about to commence, the dreams are beginning to take shape, all the pent up passions finally getting the outlet it desired, a new dawn is rising,  and the world is seeing us as never before.

So what, if we are on the other side of 50. There are miles to go before we sleep…!

The writer is working as Chief Manager(HR) in the Public Sector Company, Coal India Ltd. In Ranchi.

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