Now, final exams for Class IX, XI nixed

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Now, final exams for Class IX, XI nixed

Friday, 11 June 2021 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday announced that the annual exams of Class IX and XI students have been cancelled and the students will be promoted based on the marks obtained in their mid-term examinations.

Annual examinations for Class IX and XI which were supposed to be held from April 12 onwards were cancelled by the Delhi Government, keeping in mind the safety and security of students in the middle of the corona outbreak.

Sisodia, along with officials of the Directorate of Education took major decisions with respect to the promotion and admission policy in Delhi.

Additionally, the admission process in Delhi Government Schools for Grade VI to IX will begin from June 11 onwards.

The Deputy Chief Minister stated that while students in Grade VIII were promoted without any hassle due to the no-detention policy, roadblocks in the promotion of students in Class IX and XI needed to be curbed.

“Private Schools which have already conducted their annual assessments can follow guidelines postulated by the Directorate of Education with regards to the promotion policy and declare their result,” he said.

He further said that for schools that did not conduct any mid-term examination or students who were not able to take all the mid-term papers, will be assessed based on the average marks obtained in two subjects in which their performing has been the best out of the five main subjects. This policy will be implemented in all Government and private schools.

The annual results of Classes IX and XI in all Government schools will be declared on June 22.

Talking about the admission policy of grades VI to IX, Sisodia said “Admissions in Delhi Government schools will be held online. Parents or candidates can register their children or themselves online from June 11 onwards until June 30. Admissions will begin from July 5 onwards, based on the registration of students. Students who are unable to register on the given date will be eligible to register in the second admission cycle which will begin from July 23 and will continue until August 6.”

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