Penguin to publish Acharya Prashant's book on Karma

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Penguin to publish Acharya Prashant's book on Karma

Friday, 07 May 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Penguin to publish Acharya Prashant's book on Karma

This summer, Penguin Random House is all set to present a landmark book on the oft-discussed but rarely understood topic of Karma. Authored by the spiritual teacher and Vedantic philosopher Acharya Prashant, the book; ‘Karma: Why everything you know about it is wrong, seeks to shatter unscientific notions and offer a fresh perspective on the true idea of Karma, firmly rooted in Vedantic legacy but at the same time practical enough to adopt in one’s daily life.

The book is poised to be a promising offering in the spirituality and self-help genre. Shreya Punj, commissioning editor at Penguin Random House India says, “I am honored to be publishing Acharya Prashant’s book in July this year. Acharya Ji is best known for bringing spirituality to his followers with a strong focus on building a scientific temperament as well. In this book, he answers pertinent questions around doing the right thing, the principle of Karma as espoused in the Gita and it is a life-altering book.”

Acharya Prashant is an unconventional spiritual teacher who decodes the teachings and principles of Vedanta for the masses and offers practical explanations relevant in today’s modern world. The IIT-IIM alumnus meticulously uses his educational pedigree to pioneer the spiritual movement towards scientific inquiry and logic, and away from the common trappings of superstition and lore. Having established the Prashant-Advait Foundation at a very young age, he has since worked tirelessly towards creating a spiritual knowledge bank in the form of innumerable videos, lectures, discourses, articles, and books.

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