Play ‘Madhyantar’ staged online at Tribal Museum

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Play ‘Madhyantar’ staged online at Tribal Museum

Thursday, 28 October 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

A Hindi play 'Madhyantar', portraying the intense relationship of a husband and wife, was staged online at Madhya Pradesh State Tribal Museum's Youtube channel.  The play was performed on Wednesday, marking the Gamak series.

The play is written by Jayawardhan and was directed by Vibha Shrivastava.

The lead charaters of the play are Keshav and Kanika, who are husband and wife. Keshav is a teacher of acting and direction  in a private drama school. Their married life was going well untill Keshav was disabled in an accident, due to which he was fired from his job.

In such a situation, Kanika has to work to bear the expenses of the house. Apart from being handicapped in the accident, it is later learned that Keshav can no longer become a father. Due to these issues, Keshav falls into depression and directly affects his married life. Keshav realizes that Kanika is breaking the inner wall of not being a mother.

One day Keshav asks Kanika to marry his friend. Kanika's patience breaks down on this matter and she convinces Keshav of the true meaning of relationships. He states that the significance of the relationship between man and woman is in faith and dedication to each other, not in trivial human disorders like selfishness.

Kanika with the mere fantasy of separating from Keshav, explains her with love that there can be

'madhyantar' in life, not in relationships.

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