Rajiv Gandhi complex suffers from poor sanitation

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Rajiv Gandhi complex suffers from poor sanitation

Thursday, 16 September 2021 | PNS | Dehradun

Despite there being several government offices and shops in the Rajiv Gandhi multipurpose complex at Dispensary Road, the level of sanitation of the premises continues to be pathetic and questionable. Walls and staircases stained with Pan and Gutkha marks, empty sachets of Gutkha and candy wrappers, stubs of cigarettes and beedis, paper cups and polythenes lying on the staircases inside the complex have become a common view for everyone. There are over 100 shops in the complex besides government offices like Tehsil, district supply office and district consumer forum but the condition of staircases of every establishment is almost the same here. Besides this, the garbage accumulated at the corners of the complex and its entrance points can be observed too. Many shopkeepers even throw the waste generated in their shops like paper waste, broken glasses or shreds of clothing within the premises or just at the entry points of the complex. At times, many rag pickers can be observed going through the garbage heaps to collect the items valuable to them. According to the shopkeepers, garbage disposal has become a big issue in the complex in the last few years but nothing is being done by the authorities. “We have complained to the officials in the Municipal Corporation of Dehradun (MCD) several times to start a garbage pickup service for the establishments in the complex but they refused saying that Mussoorie Dehradun Development Authority (MDDA) is responsible for providing sanitation facilities here. When we approach MDDA, they say that we should approach MCD,” stated one of the shopkeepers. The district magistrate R Rajesh Kumar had also expressed his dissatisfaction at poor sanitation facilities in the complex about two months ago during his surprise inspection of Tehsil and directed the officials concerned to keep the place clean. Despite this, the sanitation condition has worsened in the complex. “When the officials are not working to improve the sanitation condition of this place even after DM’s orders then how our attempts will make the situation better,” questioned a garment shopkeeper in the complex.

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