Retired lecturer gets felicitated

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Retired lecturer gets felicitated

Monday, 29 November 2021 | PNS | Bokaro

Girija Nand Jha (Ardhanarishwar), a retired English lecturer from the Education Department of Bokaro Steel Plant and former General Secretary of a literary organisation 'Sahitylok', was honoured with ‘Triveni Kant Thakur Sahitya Samman’ for his remarkable contribution to Maithili literature.

On Saturday, Jha was honoured with `11,000, a citation and a memento at the award ceremony organised by Triveni Kant Thakur Memorial Trust at Damodar Valley Corporation Auditorium, Hazaribagh.

Jha was a lecturer of English in Bokaro Steel City. He contributed to promoting the Maithili language.

Jha has published six books in Maithili and Hindi includes three Maithili story collections (Kalankini, Neelkanth, Anhar Galliari), a Maithili poetry collection 'Mayak Naam Chitthi', Maithili essay collection 'Highmand' and a Hindi poetry collection 'Suraj Ka Sach'.

He has also been handling the responsibility of the editor of 'Koshi Sandesh' magazine for the last several years.

Expressing pleasure the founder General Secretary of Sahitya Lok Tulanand Mishra, Budhinath Jha, Vijay Shankar Mallick 'Sudhapati', Kumar Manish Arvind, Satish Chandra Jha, Harimohan Jha, Bhutkun Jha, Uday Kumar Jha, Dr. Santosh Kumar Jha, Aman Kumar Jha, Arun Pathak, Neelam Jha, Dr. Nirupama Jha, Dr. Ranjit Kumar Jha, Sunil Mohan Thakur, Sanjay Kumar Jha, Dr. Anju Jha, Mithila Cultural Council President Anil Kumar, Vice President Rajendra Kumar, General Secretary Avinash Kumar Jha congratulated Jha on receiving the honor of litterateur.

In Hazaribagh, this honour ceremony (Sahitya Samman) is organized every year in the memory of late Triveni Kant Thakur, a prominent educationist.

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