Strokes in young adults linked to Covid-19: Study

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Strokes in young adults linked to Covid-19: Study

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 | IANS | RAIPUR

Ateam of Israeli researchershave identified a linkbetween coronavirus andstroke victims, especially inhealthy young people, mediareports said.The global study led byresearchers at the HebrewUniversity of Jerusaleminvolved at least 136 medicalcenters in 32 countries, reported.Of the 380 patients who suf-fered stroke while sufferingfrom Covid-19, nearly 38 percent were asymptomatic tothe coronavirus, and had norecognisable symptoms fromthe virus such as cough orfever. The diagnosis cameonly after they were admittedto the hospital for stroke.The study, published in thejournal 'Stroke', ledresearchers to fear that thevirus may increase the risk ofstroke, even in people withoutchronic conditions like highblood pressure or diabetes.Of the 432 patients, 323 hadacute ischemic stroke, 91 hadintracranial hemorrhage, and18 had cerebral venous orsinus thrombosis. Theyounger patients withischemic strokes had noknown existence of the typesof aclassical' risk factors thatcontribute to the onset ofstroke such as vascular dis-ease, high blood pressure, dia-betes or smoking, the reportsaid. "This study furtherstrengthened our understand-ing of the link between coron-avirus and stroke in youngpatients," said Ronen Leker, aprofessor from the varsity. "Inthe future, we recommendperforming PCR tests rou-tinely on all young strokepatients, especially those whohave had a stroke, especiallyin those with no knownpathologies," Leker added.


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