UYSPWC organises online medical counselling for isolated Covid patients

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UYSPWC organises online medical counselling for isolated Covid patients

Tuesday, 04 May 2021 | Staff Reporter | Bhopal

Uddeshya Youth Social and Public Welfare Committee organised an online interaction with doctors for the  Covid patients on Monday.

It was organised for patients who are isolated in the houses and for those patients who are unable to consult the doctors for any problem due to corona, the organization's Facebook page NGO uddeshya yuva samajik evam jankalyan samiti broadcastes the interaction with nasal throat and allergist consulted with Dr. Ruchir Varshney

The coordinator of the event, Bhavya Saxena, said that more than 100 patients on Facebook, Dr. Discussed for consultation with Ruchir Varshney, in which many acovid positive patients also asked questions regarding their treatment and health and general patients also asked their questions.

The patients asked their queries like Which test do we have to undergo when there is corona, which of the rapid antigens or RT-PCR are more reliable? What should be taken if BP sugar medicines are being administered to Covid positive patients?What would be appropriate for a sore throat? How many days after recovery from Covid can we donate plasma? If there is too much weakness in the body due to Covid, then what should be changed in the diet for it?

Dr. Ruchir Varshney told that if there is no problem then there is no need to panic, if you do not have any problem, then you can take treatment by isolating it at home by taking the advice of a doctor and in case of any problem, you can show it at the nearest Kovid center.

Dr. Ruchir asked for protection from the corona, that the corona virus spreads only through the nose and mouth, so you always use the mask and always wash the hands thoroughly before touching the nose, mouth or sanitize and if necessary. Only then come out of the house.

Sandeep Rajput of the institution thanked Dr. Ruchir Varshney for free consultation and sharing his experience with the patients.

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