Astroturf | Can destiny be defined?

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Astroturf | Can destiny be defined?

Sunday, 21 November 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Can destiny be defined?

Astrology is believed to be a destiny defining discipline. Going by Ancient Indian Philosophical perception, human life cycle, driven by cause-effect chain, runs in succession. What we acquire during one life, sets the premise on which the next life cycle takes off. We, thus, are all born pre-programmed to carry on the journey of life a particular way. This way, every being is born unique, each manifesting individualistic desire trends and mind traits, which lead a being all through the journey of life. Guided by this perception, one is tempted to visit an astrologer to explore future prospects.

Astrologers, based on the reading of one’s horoscope, make future predictions, offering time line of good and bad prospects. The astrologers propagate the belief that what is in store of destiny, can’t be changed. But at the same time, they suggest gem stones and belief driven puja as means of appeasing the planetary Gods as remedial measure to secure success and ward off evil. Do the two propositions not sound contraindicative? If the course of destiny can’t be changed, how comes remedial measures they suggest would modify them? Are the planets, dispassionately available to all in equal proportion, enjoy the discriminatory ability needed to acknowledge and respond to individual prayers? These questions deserve answer.

It will be interesting to note here that the world we live in, is always in motion. In fact, going by scientific perception, even the universe keeps expanding. The field players of the cosmos — the planets and stars, the energy providers playing from the front — are continuously on their run at their own respective speeds. That includes the earth, which itself is moving at a great speed. So, when seen relative to earth, the energy dynamics of nature, keeps varying every moment, having no parallel in the past, which evidently would influence our life cycle. Accordingly, the dynamics of every emerging moment, and thereby its callings, keep varying, many of them can’t be foreseen. So, future is full of uncertainties, often confronting us with unforeseen challenges, besides offering fresh opportunities. We have already seen, how with passage of time, fresh opportunities keep arising. Subjects like Computers, Information technology, and Artificial Intelligence were nowhere in sight in earlier days, offering us with enough of employment opportunities. Also, overall environmental condition and societal dynamics keep changing, which influence our life cycle, individually and collectively. What complicates future course of life is our unique character, which creates ground for conflict of interest.

We are all an inseparable part of a unified organism, where no individual has a reality independent of the entirety. In such a framework, any happening at one end, it’s echoes will resonate far and wide. We, thus remain vulnerable to be confronted with unforeseen challenges posed by the overall environmental conditions. If the domestic atmosphere or societal condition is not congenial, we can’t go unaffected. The most glaring example is that of the ongoing pandemic. It supposedly arose somewhere in China, but it engulfed the whole of world.

Another aspect that common astrologers often tend to ignore is an individual’s personality traits. They forget that having potential by itself is not enough. It needs to be realised. That calls for putting into your whole into the act. Often our inherent limitations of mind, do not let us pursue the tasks in hand in the right earnest, and evidently with obvious consequences. Accordingly, astrological reading calls for a look into three factors — Desha (environmental condition), Kala (probable destiny projection) and Patra (personality traits). Purposely so because destiny indications are subject to the limitations exercised by environmental conditions and personality traits. Unfortunately, most of the practising astrologers ignore these two important factors while reading an astrological chart. And when their predictions do not come through, people get disillusioned, which offer ground for the critiques of astrology to cast aspersion on its efficacy.

With so many unforeseen variables playing their part, adding to the uncertainty of future, it is difficult to digest that one’s destiny can be defined in finite terms. The obvious question, therefore, is: What purpose would astrology as a discipline serve in real terms? For answer, let us have a look into the premise on which astrology stands.

To be continued...

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him atTel: 91-11-9818037273/9871037272Email:

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