Astroturf | Don’t underestimate your child

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Astroturf | Don’t underestimate your child

Sunday, 24 October 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmaeo

Astroturf | Don’t underestimate your child

“Sir, what is in store for my son’s destiny? I am worried about his future, as his academic performance is not promising,” asked a consultee. “Well, being stuck to your self-defined parameters, you look at him within the frame of your lens of expectations. Every individual is born unique. So, your basis of judgment may be faulty,” I responded. “Sir, as a father, I am witness to his weaknesses. Given my advancing age, I may not be able to support him for long, and hence, my worries,” he countered. “True, as nobody is born perfect, your son too has his limiting tendencies. Out of love though, but it is more of your indwelling seeds of fear, insecurity and worrying tendencies, read together with oversensitive nature, that makes you stuck to his few negatives. It doesn’t let you take note of his positives, which is immense. That’s how you are underestimating his worth,” I replied. “What makes you take this view? Are you not able to see his weaknesses?” the man questioned.

Well, I am able to see both his positives as well as few negatives. He is quite young. Going through the lessons of life, he will mature. As he grows, his potential side will lead him through. Now coming to your mental orientation, mind indicator Moon is not simply debilitated in your horoscope, which by itself is enough for your negative tendencies. Also, it is sandwiched between the planets of its nemesis, Saturn and Rahu. Emotionally oriented Venus placed adverse to the Sun makes you oversensitive. That makes you get over exercised even on trivial matters, which you stretch beyond their due. On top of that is your perfectionist attitude, by your self-defined standards. For, Mercury the lord of your Virgo lagna is tenanted in the 12th house, marked with loss of hope. That makes it difficult for you to digest anything happening beyond your perception and expectations, which further compounds your problem. Better look beyond your own limitations, whence you may figure out his positives. Instead of unnerving your child with your worrisome advisories, help him overcome his limitations.

“Will you let me know my son’s potential and weaknesses, the way you have done for me?” asked the gentleman. Venus, the natural significator of finance and general comfort level, occupies the 10th house marked with career prospects. Venus occupies the constellation owned by Ketu tenanted in Sagittarius sign, marked with law and philosophy. That is indicative of Finance/Law being his likely career preferences.

Also, he will earn enough to enjoy all comforts of life. The Sun is conjunct wisdom oriented Jupiter. It implies that he should be a well-meaning person with a strong value system, who may never stoop low in life. He carries the potential to earn name and fame. Mercury, the lagna lord, and natural significator of intelligence is very well aligned with Uranus. That speaks of his high intelligence, armed with inventive and innovative mind. All put together qualifies him to make it big in life. For their unhindered outflow, however, he better overcomes his weaknesses.

Towards negatives, he is born in Gemini lagna, a dual sign. That brings in a vacillating tendency, breeding thoughts every moment. He may be randomly flirting with them like a wandering monkey unmindfully jumping from one branch of a tree to the other. Lagna lord Mercury is conjunct Rahu and opposite Mars. It implies that whereas his reflexes are quick, but at the same time, he will be restless from within and irritable by nature. He may often carry self-doubts. That makes it difficult for him to remain focused to his priority preferences for long. Also, he may wish to live on his own exclusive terms. So long as people around are in agreement with his views, he is happy. But the moment someone offers a contrarian view, it becomes difficult for him to digest. Venus is placed adverse to Moon, which is conjunct Neptune. That makes him an emotional fool. Also, he may often get stuck to his fanciful dream perceptions, not open to look beyond for a reality check.

“Can you help him overcome his weaknesses?” asked the man. Yes, he badly needs to be put to a process to declutter his mind. Fresh mind space, thus created, will offer him the ground necessary to reinvent himself. That should be backed up by periodical counselling in small digestible doses. He may then turn into a performer.

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