Astroturf : Living in demanding mode

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Astroturf : Living in demanding mode

Sunday, 26 September 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf : Living in demanding mode

We, invariably try to live in a demanding mode. We expect from others to behave. Very few would be living exclusively in a giving mode. Some of course, though wish to live in a demanding mode but turn out to be accommodative to other’s concerns and sensibilities also. Majority, seldom cares to figure out if there is something wrong in their own approach. This tendency is in evidence at all levels of societal existence and so chaos prevails all across. No wonder, marital, familial, societal discord has been growing beyond proportion. Many develop a ‘sense of victimhood’ particularly the weaklings, who habitually blame others for all that would be going wrong with them.

I came across one such case, the other day, while counselling a girl, whose family atmosphere is, if not turbulent, at least discomforting. I was trying to make her aware that to unfold the best in oneself, one needs to first explore, identify, and then acknowledge one’s habitual weaknesses. If you try to resolve them, the indwelling potential will play out unhindered, and evidently to your advantage. If, however, you remain in a denial mode, the problem will persist, and you will suffer. She then asked me to list out her weaknesses.

Your anger level seems to be quite high. You seem to be erratic and temperamental. Your ego level is very high. That limits your vision, which makes you bound by your self-defined beliefs and perceptions. With such a restricted vision, you don’t seem to be open to listening or counsel of elders. You will rather habitually distrust their intent, and more often for no valid reasons. You may not be keen to look beyond for a reality check or better options if any available either. If something happens beyond your expected lines, it would be difficult for you to digest, when you may lose your sense of control and go wild to force your point of view.  While admitting her fault lines, she also tried to justify her actions in recent past. She then asked me to explain how I could figure out so aptly?

Before I could explain, her mother quipped: “Her daughter doesn’t behave well with parents.” That was enough to trigger the girl’s long drawn pent up feelings. She started uncontrollably sobbing. Began shouting on her mother: “How can you undress and insult me before a stranger? Why would you share domestic issues with an outsider? You have been torturing me for long. I have penned down all that you have done to me so far.” It took time for her to calm down. I was just taken aback at her conduct, but I was happy that she exhausted, otherwise her stress level would have continued to swell further.

Once, she was calm, I intervened and said, I don’t want to sit on judgment, as to who amongst you is to be blamed more. I will suggest all of you to behave sensibly. You have a long way to go. Very soon, you will be married and leave your parent’s house. But your habit tendencies will keep chasing you in the next course of life, and even on your career front. So, better address your attitudes before it is too late, following the method I suggest.

Let us now look at the astrological pointers to her habits and attitudes. Lagna lord Sun is debilitated, which implies that her health profile as well as confidence level is low. Given a difficult situation, instead of combating it in stride, she may begin self-pitying, and try to blame external factors for what would be happening. The Sun is placed adverse to Uranus and Neptune. This in the first place, makes her stuck to her fanciful dream perception, often distanced from ground realities. She may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance, and would rather passionately pursue her beliefs till pushed to the wall.

Second, she would be temperamental and erratic, who would be habitually tempted to defy elders. Saturn conjunct Ketu and Moon makes her an escapist, who may never be satisfied with what she has in hand, and start looking for a change. Also, she would be suspicious by nature, carrying grudging and  grumbling tendency. Mercury placed ill-disposed off to Neptune accounts for her insensible reasoning and judgment. If that would not be enough, Mars placed adverse to Jupiter gives her an inflated ego. The result is there to see.

The positives in her are no less. That, however, will play out unhindered, only when she addresses her inherent weaknesses.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him at Tel: 91-11-9818037273/9871037272 Email:

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