Astroturf | Saraswati & Ganapati connect

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Astroturf | Saraswati & Ganapati connect

Sunday, 09 May 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Saraswati & Ganapati connect

Mother Goddess Saraswati is shown to be moving freely in a water body, with beautiful Lotus flower around. Lotus blooms in muddy waters. This is in acknowledgment of the fact that the earthly matter acquired its form-existence when aided by water element, and so does Lotus. Lotus acquired its beauty and dynamism out of the Sakti provided by the consciousness element, contextually symbolised by Mother. The Lotus flower here symbolises both creativity and lustre evident with knowledge. Though born in muddy waters, not even a drop of water or mud particle can stick to the lotus leaves. It, thus, implies a sense of detachment.

So, true wisdom can be acquired only when explored with a sense of detachment from all tempting worldly influences. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remain focused on the subject matter under consideration. The sense of duality driving a human mind does not let it identify the thin line dividing truth and untruth. This makes it difficult to acknowledge eternal truth it stands. As a matter of habit, it tempts us to get into comparison mode and judge things based on preconceived notions.

The Mother uses a peacock as her carrier for moving about in the skies. This indicates that we cannot afford to lose sight of the forces routed through the infinite, inaccessible and indestructible Akasa either. It is important to note here that the world is a unified organism, covering the living world as well as all existences in the cosmos. And, obviously tracking down the information laid in the space above is no easy task.

Remember, the prized feed of a peacock is poisonous snake. When the peacock digests the snake, it leads to changes in its body chemistry. That holds the key to the beautiful colours of peacock’s plumage. Similarly, knowledge acquisition cannot be an easy task. It implies that only those who take the pains associated with learning process kindly, are able to acquire the knowledge and wisdom vital to turning life into a beautiful experience.

Belief driven people may observe Saraswati puja in a ritualistic mode every year on the date specified for the purpose in our annual calendar. But nothing tangible would be achieved. If, however, we understand the concept underlying the imagery of Goddess Saraswati and follow its script in real terms on a regular basis, we shall be able to acquire the wisdom necessary to ensure a smooth run of life with ease and comfort.


Lord Ganapati: Acquiring worldly wisdom

Despite acquiring necessary wisdom by following the script laid down in the imagery of Goddess Saraswati, the journey of life in real terms may not be that easy. Particularly, given the enormity and diversity of the living world, and with people displaying varied interests, some of them even disparate. Bear in mind, each one of us is born unique, carrying varying mind-traits. That leads to arousal of competing interests. With mind, guided by an indwelling sense of duality, a being becomes subject to self-excited conflicting thoughts as well. The world, thus, remains a natural breeding ground for arousal of conflicting thoughts and competing interests. Amidst all this, we ought to conduct and perform, with ease and comfort. How does this work? you may ask.

The answer lies in becoming aware of the conduct rules of life — how to engage with the world around and the issues in hand. But mere awareness is not enough. The concept needs to be drilled in the deep realms of the mind and absorbed well, for it to spontaneously outplay in our day-to-day conduct.

To do so, one must meditate with focus on Lord Ganapati on a regular basis. Meditating regularly on his imagery helps educate the mind to conduct smartly in life.

The story line running around Ganapati throws light on some vital truths of life. Seeing its importance in our day-to-day conduct, this imagery has been accorded special status. Ganapati is perceived as Vighnavinasaka (destroyer of evil). Keep in mind: difficulties could be kept at bay only through intelligent and balanced conduct, which this imagery very well symbolises. No wonder, no ritualistic puja in Indian tradition begins without first remembering Ganapati.

Let me add here that the concept underlying Goddess Saraswati and Ganpati runs hand in hand.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him at Tel: 91-11-9818037273/9871037272 Email:

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