Astroturf | Watch your thoughts

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Astroturf | Watch your thoughts

Sunday, 25 July 2021 | Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Astroturf | Watch your thoughts

One of friends based in the US, seeking clarification on interrelation between thought process and planetary placements in a horoscope, wrote: “Everyone has positive as well as negative thoughts. I believe that good planets excite positive thoughts. Often, bad planets supersede the influence of good planets and breed negative thoughts. Is there any astrological remedy to contain undesirable thoughts? Does counselling help?” As thought trends have bearing on our quality of life, the question deserves attention.

You need to change your perception, I replied. Planets are not doers in their own right. They won’t define your thought process. Planets are respectively marked with energy streams of a particular character passing through different regions in the cosmos, with the said planet in the centre. And, energy doesn’t have its own drive. It will work accordingly as it is applied or responded to. It is something like electrical energy, which could equally activate a heating element as well as an air conditioner. Similarly, planetary emissions will influence a being, according as an individual mind is inherently framed. There is nothing like a good or bad planet. All planets have to play their part in carrying on the life cycle, and are available in equal proportion to all. They lack the discriminatory ability necessary to differentiate one person from the other to offer varying influence. So, there is no scope for having astrological remedy to manage your thought process.

The world is a unified organism, where all existences are inseparably framed into an interdependent mechanism. There has to be correspondence among all field players, including human beings. What goes inside the mind, can’t be read by others. But planetary motions can be calculated. Based on the principle of correspondence, a look into planetary alignment offers ground to have an insight into your thought trends. Knowing which, you can take corrective measures by self-educating yourself, and then redefine your thought process.

Here, a look into how thought process works, becomes imperative. Every individual is born with a stockpile of thought seeds in mind, coming as it may as Karmic carryover from the past. The imprints of the skill sets you develop, good or bad experiences one would have had, habits and attitudes inculcated during life time and unfulfilled desires if any, get carried over to the next life in the form of thought seeds. These memory imprints set the premise on which your thought process moves — desire trends, likes & dislikes; prejudices & obsessions; and passions. Accordingly, one sets the goal of life and responds to the situations

Coming to the chemistry of mind, the karmic imprints involuntarily develop individual specific belief pattern. As and when congenial ground becomes available, the belief system comes into active play. Accordingly, you make choices in life. The belief system excites desire trends, which when gravitate after processing in mind, turn into thoughts, that translate into actions. And every action has consequences, good or bad, depending on the content and character of the thoughts driving the mind. Evidently, one does not wish to invite bad consequences.

To overcome this vulnerability, human beings are empowered with an exclusive privilege to guide one’s actions by choice and discrimination. The discriminatory ability, however, doesn’t play out involuntarily. You need to consciously invoke it for due diligence before taking any call. The paradox, however, is that more often one’s ahamkara (ego consciousness) identifies itself with the inherent mind-trend. It takes things on its face value, as if that would be its end game. Also, it gets drawn towards tempting influences of the seeming world and accordingly sets its dream destination. In the process, it fails to utilise its empowerment tool, and evidently to its detriment.

Your empowerment tool enjoins upon you with the capability to observe and evaluate your thought process. Applying this privilege, you could reflect, identify and acknowledge your thought trends, and make necessary corrections. But more often ahamkara doesn’t let you identify your own fault lines. Here comes the role of a Guru, who shows your mirror image and then counsels you how to give a positive turn to the mind. Life may then turn into a beautiful experience.

So goes the saying: “Watch your thoughts, they become words; words translate into action; action turns into habit; habit develops your character; and character defines your destiny.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Connect with him at Tel: 91-11-9818037273/9871037272


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