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Sunday, 14 February 2021 | Abdul Sahid Khan

People around the world look forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day with their beau. While a magnificent date is quite the typical way to approach it, the pandemic has definitely left us wanting to crave for a more intimate setting than a splendid one.

Therefore, if you are stumped on where to take your lovely date this Valentine's Day then it is time to embrace the timeless coffee date this year. Here are five good reasons why you should prefer coffee this February 14th.

It's a casual date: Is there anything more relaxing than wearing casuals on a date? If you are going on a coffee date, you don't have to have your make-up or outfit on fleek. You can pull off a coffee date in any outfit whether you are meeting your beau straight from work or from home.

Ideal to help brew conversations: Imagine sitting around a small table in an intimate setting with nothing but two hot cups of cappuccinos between you. What else do you do in such a scenario other than striking a conversation? This will help you discover more about your date and get to know them better outside of the constraints because that is all you can do when on a coffee date.

Coffee enhances mood: Studies have shown that coffee does not only taste delectable but it has a beneficial effect on our mood- it is said that it is good for both our mind and our heart. This is definitely one of the key advantages of a coffee date. So, make the most of this coffee date to create a strong bond of love with your beau.

Coffee dates are flexible: Because we love coffee so much, we can literally have it at any time off the day. So, unlike dinner dates or brunch dates, coffee dates can happen at any time of the day; be it before work, after work, weekend or not.

Romantic walks follow: If you are on a coffee date, be rest assured a romantic walk with your date is sure to follow. There is definitely something very adorable about walking around the city with your beau, whether you are in an established relationship or with a new romantic prospect.

Now that you have all the reasons to go on a coffee date, find the best café around you and invite your beau to the most romantic date ever.

The writer is Abdul Sahid Khan, Head Trainer, Lavazza India

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