Colour of the year

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Colour of the year

Sunday, 10 January 2021 | Pioneer

Colour of the year

The Pantone Color of the year 2021 pairs two unique and individualistic colours, Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow, symbolising our newfound understanding of our interdependence as a global community. Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, the union is one of strength and positivity. It encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly, aptly representing the somber yet hopeful mood of all of us as we step into 2021.

Illuminating with Ultimate Grey is a bold combination, and can easily be brought into the interiors with upholstery and home accessories like rugs and cushions, infusing vitality and liveliness. A grey textured interior finish, with yellow pop accents as colored door and windows, crockery, furniture, and wall art convey a warm and welcoming message. For a more dramatic interior, the yellow can be used as wall and floor finishes, highlighted by grey furnishings, further layered with indoor planters, rich jewel tones and other tonal colors.

Interior Designer Punam Kalra Creative Director of I'M The Centre for Applied Arts

Wedding 2.0  

With every unlock we are seeing green shoots of recovery and strongly believe that this will lead to resurgence in 2021.

With safety restrictions in place couples will continue to opt for smaller and intimate weddings and choose to have smaller functions like mehendi, haldi and sangeet at home. Hygiene and sanitisation stations will be seen as a must-have at every corner of the venue possibly with some added elements like customised masks and sanitisers. Another noticeable change with shrunken guest lists will be exotic short haul destination weddings at an increased price per pax finding its place as a part of the consideration deck of to-be-weds, with hills or palaces emerging as most preferred options. Consumers will use this as an opportunity to get away from the hustle bustle of city life and bond with their inner circle to make their D-Day memorable.

— Sandeep Lodha, CEO, OYO’s

For a new travel kit

As our quest for vaccine for COVID -19 virus is on, we all have adapted to the new normal life. Non-essential travel is picking up with Government, airlines and tour operators easing their travel policies. Overall with the entire travel and tourism industry slowly getting back to normal, one has to get used to the new normal of travelling. Keeping a few rules in mind and availing added protection and essentials offered by brands like Nova Eyewear can help ensure a safe stay and safe commute. Here are essentials, which one must carry while travelling in the post COVID world:

Face Masks: Face Masks are now the new style statement for the fashionistas. The style has evolved from the basic N95/3 ply masks to quirky designer masks which would match each and every outfit. Customised masks are gaining a new popularity. You can now keep yourself safe by pairing your favourite denims with a super cool denim mask while you are holidaying at your favourite beach destination.

Anti-Fog cloth: Here is a much needed solution for spectacle wearers during the on-going pandemic who are facing difficulty in clear vision when pairing glasses with masks for protection, which could often lead to fogging of lenses. Anti-Fog Cloth helps to keep glasses fog-free for long hours with every use. This easy to carry cloth works with two simple steps of steaming up the lenses by exhaling air and then wiping it for 10 seconds with the special anti-fog cloth for keeping the glasses fog-free. This highly cool and easy product from Nova Eyewear can be your best friend while you are travelling.

Safety goggles: A vacation is incomplete without your lovely pair of shades but now a new struggle has evolved i.e. fogging. When paired with your mask the glasses get fogged making your vision blur. It is best to go for Safety Goggles, which gives you complete eye cover and comes with anti-fog coating.

Disinfectant spray and sanitiser: Sanitisation is the most important ritual in our daily lives. A hand and disinfectant spray can not only keep the virus at bay but also ensures hygiene in all circumstances. Don’t forget to choose a good hand sanitiser.

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