Duties and assurances

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Duties and assurances

Sunday, 04 April 2021 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Duties and assurances

If we wish for fulfillment of our desires, then we must perform all our duties and responsibilities well, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

As human beings, we are always expected to be dutiful. This starts quite early. What are children’s duties? These are mainly five. They must maintain their health by proper eating, adequate exercises/physical activities, sufficient sleep and of course the right entertainment /hobbies. They must inculcate good sanskars. After all, we are the topmost species. Surely, the elders of the family must practise them — a duty for them. Children must try to reach their potential in studies as well as in their natural abilities. And they must learn housekeeping, which the pandemic has made essential for everyone. Sounds great but how do you motivate children to do all these. What assurances can you give them that doing these are what will be the best for them?

The answer is to link their desires with these duties. If they wish fulfillment of their desires, then they must do all these duties. This is the way it works. We have to help them to identify their desires, which in technical terms are called deep desires. The consequences of such desires and decisions are ours, that is good and bad.

In adulthood, the duties are more or less well defined. One must try to maintain one’s health the best way possible. Lord Krishna has guided in the verse # 6.17 of the Bhagavad Gita. One must be able to maintain self the best way possible. Lord Krishna has spoken about maintenance very specifically in the Gita, because it is very important, as we know already. The right direction of life is next. Unless one is on the right track, one is not likely to end up in the right place. This knowledge comes from God, because only He knows the big picture about all of us. The fourth duty is to become peaceful whatever it takes. This will lead to happiness and security. Here again, generous help from God is required. Just as we can assure children about fulfillment of their desires, we can do so for adults.

The elderly have well defined duties. The first duty is also regarding health, more so in old age, because the human body ages and does not have the same flexibility or toleration as in the younger age. Wise persons switch mostly to activities in the mode of goodness, especially in the matters of eating and entertainment. If the health is not good, the old age becomes quite painful, literally so. The second duty is to recheck the direction of life. By now it must have been clear whether the direction is proper or not. If it is not, time has come to seriously reset it. God can help, therefore, a good connection with God must be established, sooner the better. Do as many spiritual activities as your nature permits, and slowly increase them. One needs lot of help in old age, in which God has the main role. As mentioned earlier, peace, happiness and security can come from God only. Maintenance, if not already secured, should be ensured. There is no bar in doing so, if it is a necessity. If a connection with God is well established, He will give all necessary guidance about duties, because He knows what is good for us. If one can do all of the above, he or she is not only assured for the rest of the life but can look forward to an excellent next birth also.

In conclusion, I can safely state that the Cosmic Design is perfect. If one follows its rules, i.e. does all the relevant duties related to one’s desires, which must be according to “dharma”, then, one can be rest assured that one will live a very fruitful life. There shouldn’t be any doubt about it, because God ensured it. After all, it is His creation.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com 

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