God is easily pleased

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God is easily pleased

Sunday, 26 September 2021 | Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

God is easily pleased

If we wish to lead a quality life, we must be prepared to listen to God and try to please Him, writes AJIT KUMAR BISHNOI

God is always on a lookout for ways to help us, reward us. That is why He is always watching us, listening to us and He even knows what we are thinking. The purpose is to respond to us as necessary. Such is the cosmic design. He pleased when someone is dutiful, i.e. one performs one’s duties. Of course, God is much more pleased if someone acts according to ‘dharma’ for which reason He incarnates. He appreciates those engaged in welfare activities to an extent that He has assured no ‘durgati’ (bad end) for such persons. Lord Krishna has specifically commended Janakaji for his selfless working with public welfare. (3.20)

God has commended even those who approach Him due to distress; Lord Krishna has called such persons noble. (7.18) Same view He holds about seekers of wealth. There is nothing wrong in seeking wealth; God’s only requirement is that it should be according to ‘dharma’. If seeking wealth was not desirable, the entire world will be disqualified. Can you expect God to have such a mindset? Then, where is our problem in pleasing God? What we want must be bona fide and God will be pleased if we approach Him. And spiritual acts, even a little, are highly pleasing to God; He promises protection from great fear. (3.40) It is impossible to imagine if anyone of us is pleased so easily and readily.

But we have plenty of excuses both not to approach God and also not to try to please Him by our acts. The most common excuse is that others are not doing it. Yes, they are not, because they won’t as Lord Krishna has pointed out when he stated, “Due to the illusion caused by hate and duality of wish, all living entities get illusioned.” (7.27) If we wish to be one of the masses and go through the cycle of birth and death and spend an ordinary life and return for another ordinary life, that is our decision. But if we wish to lead a quality life in this one and the next, we must be prepared to listen to God’s instructions and try to please Him. Is he not the one who holds all the cards?

Another excuse is that we will do what God says in old age. Noble idea, but it does not work. By that time our habits become rigid and bodies weak. The reality is that any effort required to approach God and please Him becomes increasingly difficult with age. The third excuse is that mind does not agree. Of course it won’t because we have embraced a child’s mindset, who refuses to eat a fruit because he does not like it. Has he tasted the fruit? No, he hasn’t. This explains the fourth excuse, which is: who has seen God? Surely, you haven’t because you didn’t make the requisite effort. But how can you be sure that others have also not seen God? Have you checked with everyone before making such a statement? The list of excuses is endless. So where does it get us? The Lord has answered: in illusion. I am sure some of us are smart enough to admit that the present life is not that great and something should be done about it. God is very merciful. As the saying goes, you take one step, He takes 99 towards you. This one baby step will also please God and He will reward adequately much more that our expectations. It is no wonder that devotees of God write such praise for God, because they are overwhelmed by what God does for them.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

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