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Sunday, 10 January 2021 | Pioneer


I don’t expect much from this year. I hope to forge ahead, keep taking action and see what I can make of the situation as it stands. The key is to be flexible, and let go of expectations.

I only want to be full of hope for 2021 and try to make the best of it !

 Shefali Jariwala, Actor

My expectations from this year is that life should be back to what it was before the pandemic. When people should meet by hugging each other, when people should sit and talk, people should share food and coffee with each other. And that six-feet physical distance criteria that has come should be removed as that has created not just physical distance but also a distance in our hearts. People are now more scared of leaving there houses. Hence, just hope we again get back to the old routine of living carefree that's my only expectation from this year. I'm expecting people to be more kind towards others and more aware towards our planet

Balraj, Standup comedian and Host

With a few releases geared up for this year, I can’t wait to share my new sounds and music with the world. Live, on-ground performances are also starting up slowly and I’m hoping for us musicians to be back on stage, performing for the audience. Digital concerts will continue and they’ve been an exciting medium as well. I’m also hoping for the new year to be kinder to all of us.

Rasika Shekar, Fluetist and Singer

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