Turn to art for progress

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Turn to art for progress

Sunday, 26 September 2021 | Aarrti Zaveri

Turn to art for progress

Creativity in any form helps to relieves stress, enhances mental health, and strengthens the immune system, says Aarrti Zaveri

Anyone can be an artist, regardless of their talent. Using art, creativity, and imagination in your daily life may lead to bravery, breakthroughs, and uniqueness, all of which can pave the path for genuine success. Understanding how art makes you more creative and capable of thinking outside the box will push you out of your comfort zone and make you willing to face any challenges that come your way. Here are ways that incorporating art and imagination into your regular work will result in productivity and accomplishment in the long run. It’s simple to assume that looking at art makes us happy. Whether one prefers modern subjects, classic styles, sculptures, still life, or ceramics, the love for art is universal, even among people who do not consider themselves artists. This reciprocal emotion, though, isn’t just for show. Exposure to art influences our health, success, and our life. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the ways art may improve your life.

Art affects our life

Did you realise that gazing at art has a direct impact on the brain? The University of London reported in 2011 that when individuals saw attractive artwork, blood flow to the brain increased by up to 10%. Perhaps the word ‘art’ is hidden within the term ‘smart’ for a reason! Art can heal both the mind and the physical. This fact has garnered attention, as physicians have discovered that looking at and producing art has many health advantages. It relieves stress, enhances mental health, and strengthens the immune system. Art reduces patient recovery time and increases hospital staff productivity. There is so much proof that art improves health that we now have trained art therapists.

Art facilitates communication

When words fail to express something, the visual arts are a method to communicate it. It’s a method for us to express ourselves and think about the human predicament. We make an image with a message based on what we think or feel and share it with others to see how they perceive it. In this sense, art might be the ticket that allows us to build a more peaceful environment in which to live.

Art is a fuel that improves one’s quality of life

Art not only improves our physical and mental wellbeing, but it also gives us a feeling of direction. The creativity that comes with creating and viewing art may transform our perspective on life and assure us that there are brighter days ahead. Do you get a sense of impending doom? Take a look at some art, or pick up a brush or pen and try your hand at it. Art provides a respite from the daily grind and an opportunity to tackle difficulties in a healthy way. Do you want to see more art in your life? Take advantage of those little perks by stopping by an art gallery on your way home or while doing errands.

The writer is visual artist

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