Frame a lifetime of memories

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Frame a lifetime of memories

Monday, 24 May 2021 | Kunal Girotra

Frame a lifetime of memories

Photography, as a field, is no longer limited to just professionals as millions of pictures are posted on social media platforms every day. So here are a few trends that one can dig in to catch up with the ever-evolving industry. By Kunal Girotra

When we see people going out for an early morning walk, on a solo trip, celebrating a special event or advertising a product, one common thing is the art of capturing the subject with the lens of their eyes, a phone camera or a DSLR. Photography is an art of expression and with the evolution of time, the way people express their art has also transitioned. From black and white pictures to high-definition photography, the main agenda has always been to lock the subject or memories for life.

The photography industry is an unusual sector to say the least since it allows people to capture human emotions through a lens. The art was not easily accessible to anyone until a few years ago. It was within the reach of the privileged, who could afford the cameras and the expensive accessories it came with. However, with the introduction of the latest technologies and smartphones becoming cheaper, everyone in the world can now capture whatever they want whenever they want, allowing people beyond the professional photography circle to introduce newer trends and changing the photography industry landscape.

Photography, as a field, is no longer limited to just professionals, especially since millions of pictures are posted on social media platforms every day. So here are a few trends that one can dig in to catch up with the ever-evolving industry:

HDR photography: This method of photography has taken both advanced photographers and amateurs by the storm, especially because it does not require any specific equipment. Anyone who is interested in any kind of photography can take this up as several cameras available in the market have built-in HDR mode which adjusts contrast ratios, allowing the user to take unrealistic pictures. Thus, high dynamic range photography is constantly getting popular in recent times.

Light painting: A fun technique that enables the photographer in taking the most artistic pictures by adjusting exposure time, natural lightening, aperture and other features on the camera. This form of art allows the photographer to create great pictures with the use of soft glow or different sources of light. Every picture is equally unique as creativity varies from person to person as well as the camera settings.

Phonegraphy: Smartphone photography a.k.a. phonegraphy is a widespread phenomenon. Today, more and more people have access to smartphones, allowing them to explore their creative skills and capture subjects the way they see them. Clicking pictures has transitioned from managing background noise or free spaces to just making the subject of the image more aesthetic. This culture that has influenced the photography world. Over the last decade, it has created its niche in the industry. Some of the biggest developments since the invention of the smartphone are the ability to instantly  share pictures with a large crowd at the click of a button, or even print it on the go using a portable pocket-size printer. It has allowed photographers to ditch their heavy DSLRs and move around easily.

Panotography: Photography is not just bound by some limiting factors such as lighting, exposure time, etc. It is an art that takes shapes and sizes, and so, the frame size also helps the photographer to express a different kind of story. Panotography a.k.a panoramic photography is 360-degree wide format photography. This form of photography allows the user to capture a landscape from an angle like a human eye would see it, creating unforgettable impressions of real life.

Instant photography: Next to phone and DSLR photography, instant camera photography has also found a sweet spot in the heart of the photographer for its ability to create a time capsule in form of small credit card size pictures. Earlier, the availability of instant cameras was only limited to people who could afford it, but with the technology being available for the masses, people have turned to instant photography to capture and behold their precious times. Besides, instant cameras allow users to take a normal, square or wide picture, inspiring them to tell the story behind a picture in a frame they like. The trend is influencing many every day. Embracing the art of unexpected, instant photography is on the rise, especially among the millennials due to its artistic and raw representation of what they perceive of the world. The subtle concept allows the users to stay in the moment, value the time and really look at what’s in front of them instead of looking at the display of the camera. Furthermore, it allows the users to get close to the subjects and capture them not just as a beautiful picture but also imprint them on their minds.

The way ahead: Technology is the solution to almost every problem today as it maximises convenience while improving quality. The Photography world is no different. In the coming times, technology will take the world of photography to the next level with advanced effects, precision, among other features. And, with a range of cameras available in the market, the trends take new forms enabling one and all to dive into artistic expression.

(The writer is the Head of Division, Image Capturing, Fujifilm India.)

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