Get Holi ready

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Get Holi ready

Tuesday, 23 March 2021 | Rukshmani Thakkar

Get Holi ready

Colours can adversely affect your skin. Rukshmani Thakkar gives you some tips which are to be observed pre and post the festivities

Almost every individual eagerly waits for Holi. It is one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. Isn’t it? Well, it usually happens that in the excitement of playing, people don’t realise the damage the colours cause to their skin, even if they are natural. But there’s no need to worry as there are easy ways this can be managed by following a pre and post-Holi beauty regime. Well, a basic regime is a must for day-to-day skincare like cleansing, toning and moisturising. However, the festival calls for a unique skincare session.

Here is the list for prepping your skin pre-Holi:

  • The first thing that can be done is applying a sheet mask which is nothing less than ice. It helps the skin to wake up, hydrate, tighten, and prepares it for the next step. If time permits, you can also opt for a frozen spoon signature massage for any festive day. You can, of course, also use a simple ice cube and rub it on the face gently.
  • Must ensure applying an anti-ageing serum. You can apply any of your favourite serum. Then, layer it with nourishing face moisturiser.
  • The next step is to apply sunscreen. Also, don’t forget to check its SPF. Use as per your skin need. It’s best to choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum UV protection of at least SPF 30.
  • It is important to not forget the eye contour area, apply some primer on the eyelid. You can use some vaseline as well. Put it under the eye, at the corner of your ears, hairline and inside of nails.
  • A dark shade of nail paint on your nails is recommended since nails tend to catch colours faster and it takes longer to come off.
  • Lips are the most sensitive part of your body. They have no oil glands that is why they are prone to chipping and flaking. Protect them with your favourite lip balm or vaseline.

After having an amazing time, you must be worried about going to work without looking blue, green, pink or yellow. Well, here is the post-Holi routine you must follow:

  •  The first and the foremost thing people should do is put an ample amount of body oil from top to toe. Coconut oil is also a great option. Let it soak in before taking a shower. Those who have after sun cream can opt for that as well. It will allow the skin to calm down.
  •  If you feel any skin burn, try applying aloe vera gel on the affected area.
  • After 30 minutes or so, gently exfoliation or scrub your skin with coffee or coconut granules. Make sure you do not over rub the skin to get rid of the colours. Be as gentle as possible. There is a possibility the skin may burn or get tanned. Overdoing it may give an adverse effect on the skin.
  • While exfoliating your body, apply a calming and cooling face mask to your face. It can be made naturally with basic ingredients like aloe vera gel, rose water, besan, honey, saffron strands and a few drops of milk. Leave it on for 10 minutes and gently remove it with cold water. Avoid hot water for a shower for the next 12 hours or so.
  • Post shower, apply cucumber water or toner as per your skin type on your face.
  • Also, for the body, go with a generous amount of moisturiser.
  • Don’t forget to remove your nail paint. Also, you can get a manicure done. Another alternation is to soak your nails in a tub of lukewarm water with some sea salt and lime. It will help you get rid of all the impurities.

Organic colours are made from naturally occurring substances. Therefore, they are less likely to cause any skin irritations. Hence, always remember to opt for natural colours. Continue to drink an ample amount of water and stay hydrated all the time.

(The writer is the Technical Head-Skin, Enrich salon.)

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