3rd meeting of Apex Committee held for 'Kavach' in BSL

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3rd meeting of Apex Committee held for 'Kavach' in BSL

Sunday, 26 June 2022 | Rahul Sharma | Bokaro

The 3rd Apex Committee meeting for the ongoing security project "Kavach" in BSL was held under the chairmanship of Amarendu Prakash, Director-in-Charge, BSL. During the meeting, Executive Director (Works) BK Tiwari, ED (MM)  A Srivastava, ED (Personnel & Administration) Sanjay Kumar, ED (Projects) CR Mohapatra, CGM In (Projects) Nirmalendu Ray, CGM (Director-in-Charge Secretariat) Lakshmi Das, CGM (C&IT), A. Bankira, CGM In (S&FS) A Jha, GM In (S&FS), Anand Rautela , CMO (Medical & Health Services) Dr. Prakash Pandey, Founder and Director ASK-EHS JK Anand along with other officers of BSL and members of ASK-EHS were present. It is noteworthy that the Safety Culture Transformation Campaign "Kavach" program in BSL is being run by "Safety Consultant ASK-EHS Engineering & Consultants Pvt Ltd".

In the beginning of the meeting, the DIC Prakash administered a security oath to all the members present. Thereafter a detailed discussion took place on streamlining the enrollment for various training programs being conducted by ASK-EHS. The Security Maturity Survey report was also released during the meeting. In the meeting, DIC Prakash suggested involving BSL personnel and contract workers at all levels to make the Safety Culture Transformation campaign a success so that each worker is committed to bring about the desired safety culture change.

During the meeting, emphasis was laid on ensuring everyone's participation to make the Safety Culture Transformation Campaign a success. In the meeting, ASK-EHS presented the progress report for the last 3 months as well as the action plan for the next 2 months. These include various safety training aimed at minimizing risky behaviour, workshops for line managers, contractor safety training programs, ensuring maximum participation of BSL personnel and contract workers.


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