AAP buoyant as exit polls project win

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AAP buoyant as exit polls project win

Tuesday, 06 December 2022 | Staff Reporter | NEW DELHI

Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal’s assertion of his party’s maiden win in the MCD elections may come true on Wednesday, if the exit polls are to be believed.

Both the BJP and the Congress, however, rejected the projections of the exit polls. They said the exit poll only shows the possible voting trends, not the final results.

The results of the MCD elections will be announced by the Election Commission on Wednesday.

The exit polls have predicted a clean sweep for AAP in the MCD, with the party projected to win 149-171 seats out of the 250 wards of the national Capital, while the BJP has scored 69-91 seats.

The Congress is projected to shrink and bag just three to seven seats and Independent candidates are expected to win five to nine seats.

“We will wait for the final results, and we will accept the decision taken by the people of the Capital. According to us, it is a very tough fight and we should wait till the final outcome,” said BJP MP Manoj Tiwari.

“Based on the issues raised by the AAP, the people should not have voted for them, but watching the results of the exit polls, we will surely wait for the counting,” said Tiwari.

Another leader of the BJP, who did not wish to be named, said that the party will wait for the final results of the MCD elections as the party does not agree with the exit polls.

“The party does not want to comment on the polls shown as they have trust in the people of the Capital, the BJP will surely win the municipal elections,” he asserted.

AAP leader Jasmine Shah said that his party’s Government in the national Capital is supported by the people of the country everywhere.

Buoyed by the exit polls findings, Shah asserted that the slated win of the party in the MCD elections is victory of the Government that works to make the lives of the citizens better.

“Kam ki Rajneeti ki jeet hui hai (politics of delivering works has won)” said an AAP spokesperson.

“The people of the national Capital have made up their minds to give the vote to the party which works, not the one which makes false accusations, uses abusive words against adversaries. Throughout the whole campaign, all that the BJP has done is level allegations and indulge in dirty politics,” Shah claimed.

“We will get more than 200 seats in the final results, as people have thrown out the BJP from Delhi,” Shah added.

Congress leader Surendra Rajput said that the party conducted a silent campaign and the same is likely to pay dividends.

“How long will the people of Delhi tolerate the lies of both the BJP and AAP? They have decided to bring a change as they have voted for the Congress wholeheartedly. The final results will clear the image of the party where it is actually standing in Delhi today,” Rajput added.

Congress leader Jaikishan trashed the exit polls outcomes and said they are far from the actual results.

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